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May/June 2014
Newsmax Goes Live on Advantage 
by Cindy Mikol

Following an extensive implementation project, Newsmax is now live on Advantage. Newsmax Media is an American political news media organization, based in West Palm Beach, Florida.  It operates the news web site Newsmax.com, and publishes Newsmax Magazine, as well as a host of health and financial newsletters.


The Newsmax project team leads included staff from across the business, including Tara Rebak, Rich Kibler, Marcos Alviar, and Rick Coiras, with many others providing assistance and guidance. 


The project was led by ACS project manager Levi Hyssong with technical support and development provided by Derek Johnson and Dave Rees.

Congratulations to both teams for all their hard work, commitment and determination and thanks also to everyone who contributed. 



Welcome New Employee Ben Benazzi 

by Cindy Mikol


Ben Benazzi has joined ACS as a member of the Client Services division, reporting to Team Leader Daryl Vautour.  Ben brings an impressive range of educational and work experience to his new position.  Born and raised in Paris, France, Ben earned an undergraduate degree in computer science and then a master's degree in telecommunications from Telecom S Paris.  He came to the United States five years ago, and as the company he worked for offered to pay for further education, he enrolled at Michigan State University.  There, he earned two additional degrees-in management information systems and telecom information science and media, respectively.



Welcome New Employee Greg Caldwell 

by Cindy Mikol


Greg Caldwell is the newest member of the Engineering Services team led by Matt Varblow.  He comes to ACS from Soar Technology, where he worked as a software engineer on projects for the US Department of Defense.

After three years there, Greg was ready for a change and the idea of a small company with less bureaucracy appealed to him.  He is currently working on the ACS eCommerce initiative, nicknamed Cider.


A Sneak Peek at 2014r1 Features
by Tim Martin


Here are just a few highlights of Advantage 2014r1. 


A new promotion setting allows you to accept a credit card payment, but delay collecting on the card for a preset number of days. Using this feature you could, for example, offer a promotion that lets the customer "order now by credit card, but not pay for 30 days." The card is pre-authorized at order entry time as normal, but settlement is delayed according to the credit card wait days on the promotion.


You can now configure the system to retain a list of the user's last 'n' session customers ('n' is determined by a system option). This allows users to quickly locate customers they have worked with recently, without having to search for them again. The list is accessed via a control on the Advantage ribbon, and is remembered across the user's sessions.




Congratulations to Martha Krieg: 
Soon-to-Be Retiree

by Cindy Mikol


For most of the 18 years she has worked at ACS, Martha Krieg has helped Advantage clients with their upgrades, serving as the lead upgrade engineer for a dozen or so projects each year.  Martha excels at handling masses of data and detail and she puts these skills to good use in working on upgrades.  The initial code compare between the previous version and the new is an exercise in detail which Martha truly enjoys.  


Perhaps it is her training in Library Science that makes that kind of detail child's play to her.  A native of Ohio, Martha began her education with a bachelor's of arts in English from the College Of Wooster in Ohio.  She and husband, Larry, then moved to Michigan so that they could attend graduate school at the University of Michigan, and they have lived in the area ever since.  Martha earned a master's degree in Romance Linguistics and one in Library Science, but jobs in the teaching and library fields were hard to come by at that time.  She went back to school and earned a Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics at U of M, but as jobs in the field were still scarce, after working as a proofreader at the Middle English Dictionary, she thought computer science would be more practical.  



Subcription Management Software on Steroids

by Dan Heffernan

Although the calendar says it's spring, I am looking at snow falling outside my window. Tens of millions of people in the U.S. could probably have written that first sentence, so I apologize for being so obvious. But weather always reminds me of travel (probably because it affects it so much), and travel is something we do more of now than our predecessors did. And travel is a big part of my life.

  Usually, I am travelling to visit a prospective client to show them how many business problems our software can solve for them. It is impossible to go through a thorough demonstration of our software in a day, because there are so many business problems that it addresses. It's a bit like exploring a mansion. Just when you thought you'd reached the end of the house, you open a door to another whole set of rooms. You can look quickly at each, but to really inspect them takes time.



Calendar Display Options
by Mike Miklosovic


Tech Tip logo


The Calendar control can display the first day of the week differently and include the number of the week.

Configure this using the user preference view: CDSUSR.



The Settings:

 - S: week starts with Sunday

 - M: week starts with Monday

 - W: week starts with Monday, and also the number of the week within the given year is displayed.







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