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January/February 2013
ACS Welcomes the Aller Group 
by Cindy Mikol

Aller logoACS is happy to announce that the Aller Group has chosen Advantage and is beginning implementation.  


Aller was founded in 1873 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Carl Julius Aller and his wife Laura. Aller sells more than 3 million weeklies each week in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  Aller has more than 90 titles in the Nordic region, and their market share for weeklies in that area is 61%. Aller had a turnover of 4.0 billion DKK in 2009/10 and employs more than 2.000 people.


The ACS project team includes Eric Burbeck (project manager), Tom Hermans (project director), and Karl Davis (lead engineer).   Implementations of the four Nordic countries will be staggered over several years.

We are delighted to welcome the Aller Group to the Advantage community.


ACS Welcomes The Economist
by Cindy Mikol


  The Economist logo

The Economist Newspaper has chosen Advantage as their Business Continuity System for their subscription fulfillment.  Advantage will be installed and users trained, so that everything is ready in case a back-up is needed to maintain service.


The Economist is an English-language weekly news and international affairs publication, based in London, which has been continuously published since 1843. For historical reasons, The Economist refers to itself as a newspaper, but each print edition appears on glossy paper like a news magazine. In March 2012 print circulation stood at over 1.5m while digital circulation was 123,000 (digital editions are available on Android, iPhone and iPad and other devices).


We welcome The Economist to the Advantage community.



New Employee Jonathan Osment
by Cindy Mikol

Jon Osment  

 We are pleased to welcome Jonathan Osment to the Advantage family.  Jonathan is a recent graduate of Kalamazoo College in (where else?)  Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in both computer science and economics. 

Although Jonathan's father and older brother both have careers in IT, Jonathan didn't plan to follow in their footsteps when he entered college.  He was originally interested in a business career, but found something he liked even better when he took his first computer programming class as a freshman.  He very much enjoys analyzing and then solving problems.  In his words, Jonathan would rather be the architect of the house rather than the actual builder.


New Employee Dennis Choi
by Cindy Mikol

Dennis Choi

 Dennis Choi is a recent addition to the Product Development team at ACS, led by Howie Brooks. Dennis graduated from the University of Michigan earlier this year with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the College of Engineering.  He is currently working on changes to business logic in the Access Management and Billing (AMB) module.

Although his parents are Korean, Dennis was born in the US when his father was attending graduate school at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.  His family moved back to Korea when Dennis was a baby and he grew up in Seoul. However, he held dual citizenship.



Understanding Upgrade, Downgrade, Migrate and Replace

 by John Sheehy 


Tech Tip logo

Are your subscribers switching publications, moving to different pricing models, or dropping print in favor of online access? Increasingly, we're finding our clients looking for ways to offer customers more options to change the content being delivered to them. Managing and reporting this movement is important to maximize opportunities with your customers.

Some of our clients perform deep data analysis and modeling using our Business Intelligence (BI) module to perform analysis on specific events, such as:

  • Upgrades from free online access to paid-premium access
  • Switches to different publications or products within the same product line
  • Migrations from print to digital versions
  • Marketing campaigns with bundled print and digital content 

Congratulations to Duke University Press - Now Live on Advantage
by Cindy Mikol

Duke University Press team


Hearty congratulations to Duke University Press, who recently went live on Advantage.  Duke publishes more than 40 academic journals and 120 new book titles each year.  This places the Press's journals publishing program among the five largest and the books publishing program among the twenty largest at American university presses. 

Located in Durham, North Carolina, the Press publishes primarily in the humanities and social sciences and issues a few publications for professional audiences (e.g., in law or medicine).  Duke University Press is best known for its publications in the broad and interdisciplinary area of theory and history of cultural production. 



New Employee Adam Richards
by Cindy Mikol

Adam Richards  

Adam Richards recently joined the Advantage team-more specifically, the eCommerce and Enterprise Integration team led by Matt Varblow.  As a part of that group, he has worked on deployment systems and software modifications.

A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Adam earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science earlier this year from the College of Engineering.  Although he had always had an interest in the IT side of computers, such as building and fixing them, Adam found his niche when he took his first programming class. Some of his favorite classes included Operating Systems and User Interface Design.   "Operating Systems taught me a lot about low-level computing at a conceptual level," says Adam, "and User Interface Design was very useful for getting a working knowledge of the psychology behind usability and how to test for and fix problems around it."



Unicode and You
 by Cindy Mikol (with extensive tutelage from Dick Hile)  


In view of the increasingly global nature of our clients' business, ACS is working hard to ensure that Advantage supports the needs of international commerce.  One such need is the incorporation of Unicode.


First, some background.

In the late 80s and early 90s, several big computer companies grew tired of the ad hoc approach that had been the norm when it came to non-Latin character sets.  The systems of the time were limited to 128 or 256 characters and the non-Latin characters may have been Russian, Greek, Hebrew or a host of others.  This was not easy to deal with across systems or programs and so the companies joined together to create a uniform code, which they called Unicode.


All About Journal Entries
by Phil Montgomery


No, I'm not talking about a personal diary.  I'm talking accounting - everyone's favorite subject.  Read on though; you may be able to bring a smile to your organization's accountant's face.


Whenever a transaction has a financial effect, Advantage creates a journal entry.  The journal entry includes debit and credit lines for all the accounts needed to record the financial effects of a transaction.


The Journal entry transfer file (MLGTGL-M) contains all of the journal entries created by the "revenue" modules - AMB, ARP, CIR, INV.  You can access the information in this file through:

  • the ARP580 report
  • the user-defined report/extract feature (MLG reporting category)
  • or the CDSTGL and CDSSGR views 

Do you know about the CDSTGL and CDSSGR views?




Upgrade Activity Is Brisk Throughout 2012
 by Cindy Mikol 

Congratulations to the many Advantage clients who completed upgrades this past year.  The projects kept the ACS upgrade team hopping.  These included the following.


Bayard Presse went live on 2012r1 this past summer, upgrading from 2009r1.  The project was more complex than the usual, due to the many interfaces, but was successfully completed through the efforts of a large team of people.


Our Sunday Visitor also made the jump from 9r1 to 12r1, with a summer go-live.

American Medical Association
is also live on 12r1.  They were making the jump from 8r2 and were upgrading the Business Intelligence module for the first time, as well as some important interfaces.



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Cindy Mikol

***Coming in next issue: First Advantage Client Goes Live on .Net!

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