Professional Designation Announcement:

A Logical Progression

When I decided to open a boutique specialty planning firm in the midst of The Great Recession with a pledge to help clients "achieve maximum financial success and security through the effective use of specialty annuity products and services," I always envisioned a day when demand for expert advice beyond the traditional structured settlement planning services we offered would accelerate.

With roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day for the next fifteen years, that time has arrived.  Thus, it is with great pleasure that I share with you today the formal announcement that our firm's scope of services is officially being broadened to include retirement transitional income planning.

"Retirement transitional income planning" is not an accidental choice of words. It's very specific and our firm is choosing to add this focus for a few very specific reasons:
  • It's a Natural Fit - Individuals receiving injury settlement proceeds frequently need to make their money last a lifetime. It's often their major, in some cases their only, source of income and they can't risk losing it. Hence the ongoing popularity of structured settlements which will remain a primary focus for us. Those nearing retirement, though, face similar challenges and we want to help.
  • It's an Unmet Need - Traditional pensions, once a reliable source of lifetime income security for much of the American workforce, have been in decline for more than a generation leaving workers largely to their own retirement devices. While much emphasis has been placed on helping people understand the importance of building a nest egg (accumulation phase), very little has been done to help them appreciate the vastly different approach required when it comes time to safely spending down one's retirement savings (decumulation phase). 
  • It's Something We're Already Quite Familiar With - Ironically, a surprisingly large number of attorneys who advocate so vigorously on behalf of their clients rarely take time to consider their own needs. Fortunately, many have wisely chosen to enter into tax-advantaged structured attorney fee arrangements. We are now uniquely positioned to help them, among others, build on their retirement success with other funds they may have in existing retirement or investment accounts.
  • It's Personal - Literally!  Yours truly is among the 76 million Baby Boomers currently living in the United States. To paraphrase Melville, "What I've studied, I've learned; and what I've learned, I'll do!" Our clients can take comfort in knowing I will be providing retirement planning advice which I myself will be following.


Electricians Don't Fill Prescriptions    


When rendering professional services, experts have a duty to advise only in areas in which they are properly trained, qualified and credentialed. There's a reason family doctors refer patients to cardiologists when they detect heart problems. Or why you don't go to an Italian restaurant when you need a haircut.  


You want some assurance that the expert you are choosing is knowledgeable, skilled and accomplished in their field. 


For this reason, we have always limited our service to areas in which we can claim irrefutable competence. We believe integrity means everything and have a strong commitment to maintaining our educational edge.  


In 1995, I became one of the first 100 in the United States to earn the Certified Structured Settlement Consultant designation. In a few weeks I will be part of the inaugural class sitting for the structured settlement industry's newest designation: Master Structured Settlement Consultant.


Rest assured our commitment to those requiring structured settlement services remains unwavering.  We're simply adding this new area of expertise because it makes complete sense. 


Now, as one of fewer than 750 advisors around the country having earned their RICP as of the date of my completion of the designation, I am eager to start sharing this new knowledge with the many clients who have come to trust our firm when it comes to helping them make important decisions about securing financial futures.

Our Niche

The Finn Financial Group is all about safe, secure cash flow. It's what we know and what we're good at.

That will not change.

We're simply adding a correlative service designed to enhance what we've been doing all along.

So if you are anywhere near the third or fourth lap of your career, survived The Great Recession once and can't bear the thought of losing a bunch of money again, and really like the idea of turning your retirement funds into guaranteed, secure cash flow you can never outlive, call us!

We can help you convert all or a portion of your 401(k), IRA or other retirement savings into sustainable lifetime income designed to simplify your life. Many options are available and we look forward to helping you decide what's right for you.

We also pledge to work in tandem with your existing financial planner, if you have one, to make sure ALL your financial bases are covered. We can even introduce you to other professionals who provide services we won't be offering (like picking stocks, creating wills and trusts, etc.) when the need is there.

Think of us as your personal income specialists.

Then, whenever you're ready to start talking about how to best blend your retirement savings in with your Social Security, pension or other anticipated retirement cash flows for maximum efficiency, give us a call. We look forward to seeing how we can help. Until then . .  .


Thank you! . . .for the continued opportunity to be of service and all best wishes for continued success in your personal and professional lives.

Dan Finn, CPCU�, CSSC, RICP�  

Certified Structured Settlement Consultant

Retirement Income Certified Professional�   

[email protected]



NOTE:  This newsletter is presented for educational purposes only and should not be construed as tax or legal advice.  All rights reserved.


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