Why Is This Man So Blue? 
Blue Man  


A)  The temperature dipped below 60 degrees in Southern California


B)  He's planning to audition for "Avatar: The Musical"


C)  He's discussing Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlements with anyone and everyone who'll care to listen  


Just in case the over-sized letters in the third choice didn't make it obvious enough, the correct answer is indeed C.


That's right.  I've been talking with folks about Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlements until I'm blue in the face. 


The reason is simple.


After nearly 25 years in the structured settlements industry, it's become abundantly clear to me that these represent some of THE BEST money-saving settlement options available to plaintiffs today because... 

  • Large, non-physical injury CASH settlements typically have immediate and often severe adverse tax consequences which can erode one's settlement value quite dramatically 
  • Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlements can help mitigate this tax burden 

Use of traditional structured settlements for personal, physical injury claims remains an excellent claim resolution tool and settlement option for many, many accident survivors.


And they will remain popular for years to come. 


But for anyone anticipating a personal, non-physical injury settlement of any meaningful size, failure to structure will almost certainly result in fewer post-settlement dollars in the bank.


Or simply . . .  


Settle for Cash = Likely Pay More Taxes = Probably Less Money to Plaintiff 


Don't Sell Yourself Short 


Settle your large taxable settlements for cash at your own peril.  It's a virtual certainty your net recovery will shrink as a result.


It need not be so, however.  We can help.  But only if you call us BEFORE your settlement is finalized. 


For further information:




 Structuring Your Taxable Damages Webinar 



BONUS for Attorneys  


Don't forget about yourself.  With the new 2013 tax rates now going into effect, this strategy goes double for higher-income plaintiff attorneys who may now find themselves in the unenviable position of making more while keeping less of what they earn.


"Structured Fees Can Save You Money and Level Your Cash Flow."


We realize you aren't always in a position to take advantage of this excellent tax-deferral strategy.  But if you are and if you can, Structured Attorney Fees can make all the sense in the world.   


Thank you for the continued opportunity to be of service and best wishes for continued Struccess in your practice and your life!   


Dan Finn, CPCU, CSSC

Certified Structured Settlement Consultant

[email protected]   

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