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From the "In Case You Missed It" file, we wanted to share with you today the summary of a survey conducted a few years back because we thought you'd find the results noteworthy.   


And timely.


While the information contained is certainly not new, post-Financial Meltdown prudence dictates that we take a fresh look at this survey to help clients better prepare for their future following an accident. 




In September of 2007, a survey of 1,000 Americans was conducted by and sponsored by American General Life Structured Settlements.  American General has been in business for more than 160 years and remains a very active player in the structured settlements industry today.


While there has been much anecdotal evidence about the value of structured settlements reported over the years, this survey is exceptionally helpful because it seeks to quantify the public's perception about structured settlements when faced with choices between cash and structured settlements.   


In addition, there is much all practitioners can learn from this report so we are pleased to share it with you in an effort to help you be even more helpful to those who are most in need at such a critical juncture in their lives.


So here you go . . .  


Structured Settlements Survey Report

(click above for link to survey)  




We won't waste a lot of commentary on the report here since the charts inside speak for themselves but we do want to take time to point out a few things that caught our eye and feel are worth emphasizing:  

  • Knowledge is Power - Without any education on structured settlements, only 35% of respondents would choose to structure their settlement proceeds.  With proper education, 73% of respondents would choose a structured settlement.  

Bragging Rights:  Education is our specialty!  The firm's founder (yours truly) is an Education major, former teacher and former Insurance Claims Training Coordinator.   

  • Attorneys Hold The Keys - Of those who chose a lump sum instead of a structured settlement, 71% of respondents said their attorney did not inform them about the structured settlement option or they could not remember if the attorney did.

Bragging Rights:  The Finn Financial Group is exceptionally proud to have assisted many of the very BEST plaintiff attorneys in the country with the post-settlement planning of their clients!  These top-tier lawyers and firms always make their clients aware of the choices.  Even when their clients choose cash, they make sure they understand what they may be passing up and offer them the choice  

  • Cash Goes Fast - Of respondents who opted for the lump sum settlement, 57% reported that their entire settlement amount had been depleted.   

Bragging Rights:  We'll pass on this one.  Losing all your cash is nothing to brag about! 


Closing Comments

With financial uncertainty in great abundance, structured settlements remain a sensible choice for those seeking safety, security and stability following an accident. We hope you find this survey helpful and look forward to answering any questions you may have about this or any topic related to your financial future.  Call anytime we can help.  We're here to help YOU!


Thank you for the continued opportunity to be of service and best wishes for continued Struccess in your practice and your life!   


Dan Finn, CPCU, CSSC

Certified Structured Settlement Consultant   

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