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Lewis S. Mills High School
25 Lyon Road
Burlington, CT  06013


5 Jamestown Road,
Somers, CT 06071
860.749.7693 (H)
860.729.4410 (C) (H e-Mail)

Immediate Past-President, Librarian
Burlington High School
52 Institute Road,
Burlington, VT 05401
802.734.2871 (H)
802.864.8590 (O)
802.864.8408 (O Fax) (H e-Mail) (O e-Mail)

Valley Regional High School
256 Kelsey Hill Road,
Deep River, CT 06417
860.526.5328, x2703 (O)
860.526.8123 (O Fax) (O e-Mail)

Executive Secretary-Treasurer
73 Beauchamp Terrace,
Chicopee, MA 01020
413.592.9197 (H)
413.594.9636 (H Fax)
413.478.7030 (O) (H e-Mail)

Recording Secretary
35 Briarwood Lane,
Scituate, MA 02066
781.545.2104 (H)  (H e-Mail)

Solo & Ensemble Festival Co-Coordinator
Hartford High School
37 Highland Avenue,
White River Junction, VT 05001
802.295.8611 (Fax) (O e-Mail)

Solo & Ensemble Festival Co-Coordinator
141 Butternut Road,
Williston, VT 05495
802.878.2898 (H)
802.343.6282 (O) (S&E e-Mail)

Band Manager
Hartford High School
37 Highland Avenue,
White River Junction, VT 05001
603.738.4044 (Cell) (O e-Mail) (H e-Mail)

Chorus Manager
Mt. Mansfield Union High School
211 Browns' Trace Road,
Jericho, VT 05465-9700
802.999.7189 (H)
802.899.4690, x1620 (O)
802.899.2904 (O Fax) (O e-Mail) (H e-Mail)

Orchestra Manager
Glastonbury High School (ret.)
56 Harvest Hill Road,
Kensington, CT 06037
860.543.2992 (Cell) (O e-Mail)

Membership Services Chair
Cheshire Public Schools
525 South Main Street,
Cheshire, CT 06410
203.250.2534 (O)
203.250.2563 (O Fax) (O e-Mail) (H e-Mail))

Bulletin Editor, Archivist, Web Site Manager
The Bromfield School
14 Massachusetts Avenue,
Harvard, MA 01451
617.529-9402 (H)
978-456-4152, x571 (O)
978-456-3013 (O Fax) (H e-Mail)


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Bulletin Signup

Is there anyone that you would like to suggest receive this Bulletin as a way to recruit new members from other schools and states? Please feel free to forward the Bulletin to them or send their e-mail to Editor Tom Reynolds at the following address:


NEMFA Calendar 2012-2013
March 21-23, 2013 Concert Festival Lewis S. Mills High School
John Deeb, Host 26 Lyons Road, Burlington, CT 06013
June 1, 2013 Meeting, 10:00 A.M. Holiday Inn Express, Brattleboro, VT
President's Message
Sal Cicciarella
February, 2013

Dear Colleagues,


As 2012 becomes a faint memory we look forward to renewed goals and promises for 2013. Setting professional goals and renewing our musical spirit has always included attending musical performances and activities resulting from the hard work of many music educators from the national and New England area.


Of course, it goes without saying, that among these wonderful activities include three special activities sponsored by our colleagues from ACDA, NAfME, and our very own New England Music Festival Association.


The American Choral Directors Association National Conference is scheduled for March 13-16 in Dallas, Texas. Hartford CT will host The National Association for Music Education Bi-Annual Conference from April 4-7 in conjunction with the CT All State Music Festival.


This year our own NEMFA Concert Festival is being held at Lewis S. Mills High School, Burlington Connecticut on March 21-23, 2013. We look forward to this and all other events renewing friendships of students and colleagues. Please visit our NEMFA web site for the latest concert festival information.


Lewis S. Mills High School is situated in the beautiful hills of Connecticut offering a myriad of travel adventures. There are many dining establishments nearby and many area towns offer shopping for all tastes.


Our Host, John Deeb, Coordinator of Music for Region 10, has once again done an outstanding job preparing to welcome our student musicians and special colleagues. The executive board of NEMFA would like to express our deepest appreciation to those many people who have devoted endless hours to ensure a friendly and musical experience for all participants. Thank you to the entire Region 10 Board of Education, administration, staff, parents, and hosts.


Our Solo & Ensemble Festival held in Hartford, Vermont and in Cheshire, Connecticut was, as expected, a successful and productive weekend for all. Final selections of students accepted into our festival band, chorus, and orchestra were made possible through the dedicated work of Steffen Parker and Robert Gattie and our mangers and members of the executive board.


Director's Forum: Our Director's Forum formerly known as the Choral Forum, is scheduled for Thursday evening, March 21 at 7:30 PM at the high school. NEMFA topics for discussion will be on the agenda. You are encouraged to attend and share your perspective and comments with other professionals in a collegial atmosphere and refreshments will be served too! So, come mingle and chat and just maybe we'll have a couple of laughs.

Our managers have again organized challenging programs for our student performers. Gail Reynolds, Erica Howard, and Laura Hilton, managers of the orchestra, concert band, and chorus, have promised a positive musical experience for the ensembles while being conducted by outstanding directors in our profession.

Be sure you are familiar with our new choral re-audition policy. Our Chair, Rob Gattie has worked diligently to developed a plan for implementation this year with fairness for all our choral students, and insure a positive and musical festival experience.

Please be sure to read the Ensemble Manger's Comments page found later in this bulletin for further information relating to the ensembles.

I look forward to greeting you in Burlington, Connecticut and anticipate a wonderful reunion by old friends and meeting new friends. Our connections to music are strong and will continue to grow with positive experiences like NEMFA for our students and colleagues.


Most Sincerely,


Sal Cicciarella


President, NEMFA



The New NEMFA Chorus Re-Audition Process,
reported by Rob Gattie

Chorus Re-Audition Process

Adopted December 7, 2012


Purpose: To verify that all students attending the Festival Chorus are adequately prepared so as to provide for the optimum musical experience for all students collectively.



Who- All students will sing sections from three or more pieces in the program to demonstrate preparation.


How- The re-audition will be done in a double quartet.


What- Music selections will not necessarily represent the most difficult passages that a group of students coming together for the first time would struggle with. They should however be passages that will be able to represent an acceptable level of preparation rather than some good sight reading. These passages will be selected by the Chorus Manager and approved by at least 2 others, either Chorus Committee members or Executive Board members.


When- The re-auditioning process will start when students first arrive and will be complete prior to the start of the first rehearsal.


Where- The host school will work with the Chorus Manager to provide the necessary rooms for the time needed. There will be approximately 30 groups of 8 students, each needing 10 minutes. Using three rooms, that would mean taking a bit less than 2 hours to complete the process.


Who listens- The Chorus Manager will solicit the help of NEMFA members to hear the double quartets. There will be two members in each room to help assure a balanced decision.


Results- Students:

Prepared students- All students who are adequately prepared will take their places in the Festival Chorus.


Unprepared students-

Unprepared students will work with their own teacher/sponsor or a NEMFA provided instructor, in spaces provided by the host school, attempting to raise their level of preparation to an acceptable minimum. Students may miss no more than 1 hour of the first rehearsal to accomplish this at which time they will join the full rehearsal. The association will at this time take in good faith the preparation level of the student to be adequate.



Teachers of unprepared students-

The first time it happens from any given school, the President of NEMFA will speak with the sponsor member and make sure they are aware of their responsibility to bring students who are well prepared. If the same teacher/school brings unprepared students in a consecutive year, then a letter may be sent from the association to the school or organization that the student(s) are sponsored by. This letter will outline the pertinent facts and make clear the school's/sponsor's responsibility to send prepared students.


Secretary's Report
Donald Hermance, NEMFA Recording Secretary

New England Music Festival Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Courtyard Marriott, Waterbury, CT 

Friday, December 12, 2012


            The meeting was called to order at 8:10pm by President Sal Cicciarella. Also present were: Gail Reynolds, Erica Howard, Laura Hilton, Steffen Parker, Rob Gattie, John Kuhner, Tom Reynolds and Bill Sittard.


            The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed.


            Bill Sittard, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's report which was approved. Cash on hand was reported to be $20,167.


            Erica Howard, Band Manager, reported that all systems were set for the Concert Festival.


            Gail Reynolds, Orchestra Manager, reported a slight problem in the transpositions of some instrumental parts. She also discussed the matter of bowings in strings as part of contracts with conductors, and should be accomplished by the first of January.


            Laura Hilton, Choral Manager, reported that the music for the concert Festival was ready, but that she was experiencing trouble with contacting conductors.


            Bill Sittard is working on contracts for future conductors.


            Rob Gattie, Solo and Ensemble Festival Co-coordinator observed that there was more use of wireless accompaniment than in previous years.


            Steffen Parker, Co-coordinator of Solo and Ensemble Festival led a discussion on the public domain issue, copyright laws, and the use of the phrase "purchased music." He also questioned the allowing of ensemble substitutions with no late fee.


            President Cicciarella distributed copies of Host John Deeb's site report for the Concert Festival, which was well-received and edited. The question of the order of performances at the Concert Festival was discussed. Motion by Steffen Parker: That the choral concert precede the instrumental concert. Motion passed unanimously.


            Rob Gattie submitted for approval a proposal for the chorus re-audition process, which was discussed at some length, with several options for action to be taken when students are found to be insufficiently prepared for the Concert Chorus. Motion by Rob Gattie: To accept the proposed Chorus Re-audition Process, amended as follows: that "Choice A" be amended to include the phrase "or NEMFA provided instructor" in the first sentence, and that "Choice B" be amended to include the substitution of "may" for "will" in the second sentence, and that the words "school's/sponsor's" be added to the last sentence. Motion passed unanimously.


            A brief discussion dealt with the issue of presenting certificates to deserving students at the Concert Festivals. It was decided that Steffen and Gail would work on the implementation of this idea, including the possibility of using on-line facilities.


            Steffen offered the suggestion of moving the deadline for the Solo and Ensemble Festival applications. Motion by Steffen Parker: That the deadline for applications for the Solo and Ensemble Festivals be moved to the last Saturday in October. Motion passed unanimously.


            Bill Sittard remarked that he expects the meal costs at the March Concert Festival to remain the same as the previous year.


            The meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



                                                                        Donald L. Hermance

                                                                        Recording Secretary

Future NEMFA Concert Festival Dates
     March 21-23, 2013 - Lewis S. Mills HS, CT

     March 20-22, 2014

     March 19-21, 2015

     March 17-19, 2016


Be sure to mark these dates into your calendars. We also need host schools for these concert festivals. If you have never hosted a NEMFA Concert Festival at your school, please do consider it. It is a very rewarding experience for any school to be a host, and most every NEMFA Concert Festival has had a positive effect on the host school's music program for a long time after the festival is over. It is also a great way to raise funds for your local school program. Please contact President Sal Cicciarella if you have any further questions about hosting a NEMFA Concert Festival,  

Headquarters Hotel Info. - 86th NEMFA

1. 2013 NEMFA Headquarters Hotel:


Hartford Marriott Farmington
15 Farm Springs Road Farmington, Connecticut 06032 USA



Reservations by attendees must be received on or before Friday, March 1, 2013    

Ordering Concert Tickets - 86th NEMFA

86th New England Music Festival  

2013 Concert Tickets*

March 23, 2013

a. To purchase online using a credit or debit card please go to:

and click the link on the left for "2013 NEMFA Information"  



b. You may mail completed form with check now to: NEMFA Ticket Order c/o Janis Woodward

62 Stagecoach Rd. Burlington, CT 06013  


c. Advance orders will be taken if received by Monday, March 18, 2013. After that orders (by check or cash) will be taken the day of the performance

depending upon availability.  



Name_________________________ Home phone (      )_________ Street Address__________________________ City_______________________ State_______ Zip__________ Email Address __________________________  

School (if applicable)_____________________

Tickets for Chorus (2:00 p.m.) _____ tickets @ $10.00 each = _____
Tickets for Band/Orchestra (4:30 p.m.) ______ tickets @ $10.00 each = _________  

COMBINED Tickets (for both concerts) _____ tickets @ $15.00 each = _________



Please make checks payable to "Friends of the LSM Band".

For additional information please contact Janis Woodward by email at: 


CD Recording Order Form - 86th NEMFA


86th New England Music Festival

2 CD set with recordings of 2013 Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. Compact disc recordings of the 2013 New England Music Festival performance are available for purchase and can be ordered in the following ways:  


1. To purchase online using a credit or debit card please go to:

and click the link on the right for "2013 NEMFA Information"  



2. You may mail completed form with check now to: NEMFA CD/T-Shirt Order c/o Susan Kellogg

29 Windmill Rd. Harwinton, CT 06791  


3. In addition, orders (by check or cash) will be taken the evening of the performance



Home phone ( )_________________  

Street Address__________________________ City_______________________ State_______ Zip__________ Email Address __________________________  

Ensemble (circle one) B C O School (if applicable)______________

How many CD's? ______ @ $20.00 = _________ (includes shipping)  


(CD's will be mailed approximately 2-4 weeks after the performance.)

Please make checks payable to "Friends of the LSM Band".

For additional information please contact Susan Kellogg by email at:


DVD Order Form - 86th NEMFA


86th New England Music Festival


2013 DVD Order Form 
1 DVD with recordings of 2013 Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. DVD recordings of the 2013 New England Music Festival performance are available for purchase and can be ordered in the following ways:  



1. To purchase online using a credit or debit card please go to:

and click the link on the right for "2013 NEMFA Information"  



2. You may mail completed form with check now to: NEMFA CD/DVD/T-Shirt Order c/o Susan Kellogg

29 Windmill Rd. Harwinton, CT 06791


3. In addition, orders (by check or cash) will be taken the evening of the performance



Home phone ( )_________________  

Street Address__________________________ City_______________________ State_______ Zip__________ Email Address __________________________  

School (if applicable)_____________________

How many DVD's? ______ @ $20.00 = _________ (includes shipping)  


(DVD's will be mailed approximately 2-4 weeks after the performance.)

Please make checks payable to "Friends of the LSM Band".

For additional information please contact Susan Kellogg by email at:


T-Shirt Order Form - 86th NEMFA

86th New England Music Festival  

2013 T-Shirt Order Form  



1. To purchase online using a credit or debit card please go to: and click the link on the left for "2013 NEMFA Information"


2. You may mail completed form with check now to: NEMFA CD/DVD/T-Shirt Order c/o Susan Kellogg

29 Windmill Rd. Harwinton, CT 06791


3. In addition, orders (by check or cash) will be taken the evening of the performance



Name_______________________ Home phone (     )___________ Street Address__________________________ City_______________________ State_______ Zip__________ Email Address __________________________  

School (if applicable)_____________________

____ Adult - Small @ $15.00 = ________  

____ Adult - Medium @ $15.00 = _______

____ Adult - Large @ $15.00 = ________  

____ Adult - X Large @ $15.00 = _______

____ Adult - 2X Large @ $15.00 = ________

Total T-Shirts? ______ @ $15.00 = _________  


Anyone who orders and pays for his/her T-Shirt by March 1, 2013 will receive it at the festival with their registration materials.

Please make checks payable to "Friends of the LSM Band".

For additional information please contact Susan Kellogg by email at:


Directions to Lewis S. Mills HS - 86th NEMFA

From Hartford and Eastern Connecticut

Take I-84 west to Exit 39 (Route 4, Farmington). Follow Route 4 (approximately 13 miles) to Burlington. (You will pass through Farmington center and Unionville center). Take a left at the junction of Routes 4 and 179. Go to second traffic light. Take a right onto Lyon Road. Take the second driveway for Lewis S. Mills High School.   


From Waterbury and Western Connecticut  

Take Route 8 to Exit 42 (Route 118, Harwinton).  Follow Route 118 east for 2 miles to junction of Routes 118 and 4 (first traffic light). Continue straight on Route 4 past the intersection of Route 72 and Route 4.  At the next traffic light, take a left on to Lyon Road. Take the second driveway for Lewis S. Mills High School.      


From Bristol, Connecticut

Take Route 69 to Route 4. A gas station will be on your right. Take a left and go to next traffic light. This will be Lyon Road. Take a right on Lyon Road. Take the second driveway for Lewis S. Mills High School.


Other Concert Festival Info - 86th NEMFA
For all NEMFA Concert Festival Forms, along with a complete rehearsal and meeting schedule for the event, please go to  and click on "Concert Festival".
Chorus Manager's Report - Caleb Pillsbury

2013 New England Music Festival Chorus


Hello New England Music Festival Teachers,


It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Sandra Snow from Michigan State University will conduct the 2013 New England Music Festival Chorus. She is a spectacular musician, conductor, and teacher and you can read more about her below. The innovative and exciting program is listed just below my report.


Start listening to these selections as you relax in the hammock or dabble by the pool or ocean this summer, you may want to study these pieces with your students at your school or in any various community choirs with which you work. My students have found that studying a piece with the high school choir then studying it once again with the New England Music Festival Chorus can give the piece greater meaning to them for their lives after high school. It will be a wonderful year! I look forward to see you all again in Burlington, Connecticut at Lewis Mills High School.

                                                                        Most Sincerely,


                                                                        Caleb Pillsbury 


                        2013 New England Music Festival Co-Manager



Caleb Pillsbury is the Choral Director at Mount Mansfield Union High School, where he directs four choirs and teaches AP Music Theory and Guitar. He lives in Burlington, Vermont and participated in the festival three of his four years of high school. Caleb holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and was the 2010 University of Vermont Outstanding Teacher of the Year from the Chittenden East Supervisory Union.


86th NEMFA Concert Festival
Featured Choral Conductor - Dr. Sandra Snow

Dr. Sandra Snow


As conductor, teacher, and scholar, Sandra Snow's work spans a wide variety of ages, abilities, and musics. She holds appointments in conducting and music education at the MSU College of Music, where she interacts with undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of conducting, choral pedagogy, and choral singing. She is a past recipient of the MSU Teacher-Scholar Award.


Snow conducts the Michigan State University Women's Chamber Ensemble, a group that has appeared at consecutive conferences of the American Choral Directors Association (National Conference 2009; Central Division 2008). She has held a principal residency with the Pacific International Children's Choir Festival and made guest conducting appearances with the 2009 Texas All-State Mixed Choir, the 2010 Southern Division Honor Children's Choir, and the New Jersey All-State Women's Choir. Snow has appeared as a headline clinician at various ACDA conferences, most recently Washington, Alabama, and Kansas. Upcoming guest conducting appearances include the Missouri and Montana All-State Mixed Choirs, the Minnesota All-State Women's Choir, and interest sessions at the 2011 national conference of the American Choral Directors Association.

Snow is author of the DVD "Conducting-Teaching: Real World Strategies for Success" published by GIA (2009), a resource for conductor-teachers at all levels of teaching. She edits the choral music series In High Voice published by Boosey & Hawkes and is a member of the Choral Music Experience Choral Teacher Certification Board. .


2013 NEMFA Chorus Program: 

Awake the Harp From: Creation ......................... Franz Joseph Haydn


Sicut cervus, Psalm 42 ...................... Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina


Men's Selection

Down in the Valley ................................................... arr. George Mead


Women's Selection

Lake Isle of Innisfree ..................................................... Eleanor Daley


Harlem Songs

3. Tambourines .......................................................... Gwyneth Walker


Doors of Daring .......................................................... Andrea Ramsey


In Remembrance ........................................................... Jeffery Ames 


Band Manager's Report - Erica Howard
Band Manager Erica Howard reports that everything is ready to go with the 2013 New England Music Festival Symphonic Band.

Please see conductor Bradley Genevro's biography and program in the block below.

Respectfully submitted,

Erica Howard
Band Manager
86th NEMFA Concert Festival
Featured Band Conductor - Dr. Bradley Genevro
Dr. Bradley Genevro is Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Music at Messiah College where he conducts the Messiah College Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds. In this capacity, Dr. Genevro is actively involved with all aspects of the Music Education program at Messiah as well as acting as Program Coordinator for the Graduate Program in Conducting. Prior to his appointment at the College, he served on the faculties of Oklahoma State University and the University of North Texas. Dr. Genevro holds the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Wind Conducting from the University of North Texas, where he studied with Eugene Migliaro Corporon. He earned the Masters of Music Performance and Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he studied with composer and conductor Jack Stamp. Ensembles under Dr. Genevro's leadership have performed at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association State Conference, the International Trumpet Guild Conference and the College Band Directors National Association Eastern Division Conference.

Dr. Genevro maintains a very active schedule as a clinician, adjudicator and guest conductor having worked in over thirty states in the U.S. He has published articles in Teaching Music and is a regular contributor to Teaching Music through Performance in Band published by GIA. As a recording producer, he has worked with the North Texas Wind Symphony, Keystone Wind Ensemble, The University of North Texas Symphonic Band, the U.N.L.V. Wind Orchestra, the Palm Beach Chamber Orchestra and a variety of colleges and universities.


Dr. Genevro holds professional memberships in Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, National Association for Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Pi Kappa Lambda, Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma and the College Band Directors National Association.     


2013 NEMFA Band Program:


Symphony # 3 .............................................. Kozhevnikov/Bourgeouis

Movement 1 only


O Nata Lux ............................................ Guy Forbes/Preston Hazzard


Suite of Old American Dances ....................... Robert Russell Bennett


March Cheerio ............................................... Edwin Franko Goldman

Orchestra Manager's Report - Gail Reynolds
Gail Reynolds
To all NEMFA Members:

I hope that you have a great summer and are looking forward to another great year. We are delighted to welcome Dr. David Rudge of the State University of New York at Fredonia as the 2013 NEMFA Orchestra Conductor. Please see his biography and program below.

In the following part of my report, I have included some basic reminders regarding our Concert Festival since I get a lot of questions from students, parents, and teachers regarding this information.


DRESS CODE. Visit for the dress code.



  1. A pencil with an eraser.
  2. Percussion: Bring mallets & sticks. Triangle, woodblock and other instruments will be provided to you on site.
  3. Strings bring accessories (rockstops, anchors, rosin, mute if needed, extra strings and an extra bow if possible).
  4. Woodwinds & brass bring necessary accessories and extra reeds, etc. Oboe 1 bring a tuner to give the orchestra 'A- 440'.
  5. ID TAGS on your instrument case. Keep a copy of your instrument's identification information at home.                                   


  1. Food or beverage other than water is not allowed.
  2. Gum is not permitted during rehearsal.
  3. Hats or hoods are not permitted during rehearsal.
  4. TEXTING or other use of cell phones during rehearsals is prohibited. It is disrespectful to the conductor and the ensemble and distracting to you and surrounding students. If this rule is ignored, cell phones may be collected during rehearsal time, and handed back out at the completion of the rehearsal segment (excluding breaks).


Students and their sponsors are responsible for acquainting themselves with the new policy and preparing accordingly. Students, directors, sponsors or parents may not dispute seating changes or request seating re-auditions. No student may request to audition for a higher seat within their section, other than first chair.  There are no challenges.

  • FIRST CHAIR SELECTION POLICY & PROCEDURE: Section leaders will be decided at the festival through an audition process.  At the first rehearsal, all strings will be seated in score order within their assigned sections.  The first chairs will be vacant.  During the first rehearsal, players who wish to audition for first chair will submit their names to the Orchestra Manager.  Auditions will be held as soon as possible, probably commencing during the first hour of rehearsal. Excerpts from the concert music will be used for the audition.  First chairs will be announced after all auditions are complete.  After the first chair is assigned, the section will fill in the remaining seats in score order. In the event that no student(s) auditions for first chair, the seating based upon score will be used.

  • NON-FIRST CHAIR SEATING POLICY : Students may be moved within their section for any of the following reasons:
  1. Reseating resulting from the adjustment made to accommodate the student who wins first chair. Students may be reseated by chair or by stand (depending on divisi requirements).
  2. If a student is found to be noticeably less prepared than surrounding students, and demonstrates little progress within the first rehearsal, the student may be reseated further back in the section at the discretion of the Conductor and/or the NEMFA Orchestra Manager.  This will be done without an audition.
  3. Absenteeism may result in students being reassigned further up either by chair or by stand (depending on divisi requirements).


Your director/sponsor can contact me with questions. Please do not contact me yourself.


Gail Reynolds  


NEMFA Orchestra Manager



86th New England Music Festival
Featured Orchestra Conductor - Dr. David Rudge
 Dr. David Rudge serves as the Director of the College Symphony Orchestra and Director of the Opera Orchestra at the State University of New York at Fredonia.  He has conducted orchestras on five continents to rave reviews. As Director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Guatemala he was credited with the dramatic rebirth of that orchestra. Described as "dynamic" and "electric," Guatemala's Prensa Libre wrote, "It has been many years since we have heard a symphony orchestra play with such inspiration."
2013 NEMFA Orchestra Program
 Capriccio Espagnol ............................................ Rimsky-Korsakov 15"

            3(1 2 picc) 2(1/EH 2) 2 2 - 4 2 3 1 - timp+5 harp strings


Pomp and Circumstance No. 4 ................................................ Elgar 4"

            3(1 2 3/picc) 3(1 2 EH) 3 or 2(1 2 bcl) 3 or 2(1 2 cbn) - 4 3 3 1 -  

            timp+3 - harp strings


Firebird  (Ber. And Finale) .............................................. Stravinsky (7)

            2[1.2/pic**] 2[1.2/EH] 2 2 - 4 2 3 1 - tmp +3 - hp - pf/opt. cel - str




Please look at the previous article by NEMFA Orchestra Manager Gail Reynolds regarding the NEMFA Concert Festival String Seating Policy so that orchestra students and their directors clearly understand how it is established. 

NEMFA Archives
Tom Reynolds
You might remember that at the beginning of June I was working on the NEMFA archives collection that is being stored at the Harvard, Massachusetts Public Library. Old programs back to 1937 with more years ever since are being filed along with old Bulletins. The collection, known as the John R. Hansen Memorial Archives of the New England Music Festival Association, has been organized by member of the staff of the Harvard Public Library. Programs and Bulletins are stored chronologically in boxes in a climate-controlled historical room in the Harvard Public Library. The hours of operation of the Harvard Public Library, Route 111, Harvard, Massachusetts 01451 are as follows:

Library Hours - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 10:00 - 9:00
Friday Saturday - 10:00 - 5:00 10:00 - 4:00
(Sat. 10:00 - 2:00 in June, July & August)
Sunday closed

Directions to the Harvard Public Library - From Route 2, take Exit 38 (Rts. 110/111) toward Harvard Common. Continue through the red blinking light on 111S. Past the school zone, take a right onto Pond Rd. The Library is on the right with parking available in front of the entrance to the building.
From Route 495, take Exit 28 (Rte. 111) and go toward Harvard. Continue on Route 111 toward the center of Harvard. Upon entering the school zone, take a left onto Pond Road. The Library is on the right with parking available in front of the entrance to the building.

I am still in search of any printed materials regarding any NEMFA concerts or related activities from 1928 to 1939, although I would welcome other materials that you, our membership, might come up with that you would deem to be worthy of saving in our archives.

As of 1 September 2008, the following Concert Festival Programs are not in our possession in the archives at the Harvard Public Library: 1928-1935, 1937, 1939, 1940, and 1941. The following Major Organizations Festival programs are not in our possession as well: 1939, 1940, 1941, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957. Additionally, I would welcome the donation of any recordings of past NEMFA concerts. Right now, our collection only includes concerts from the late 1990's to the present.

Another area that we have very little on records is that of old photographs. Certainly, photographs tell a million stories about our past festivals, as well as providing some insight into the daily life going on around those festivals at the time the photographs were taken.

The NEMFA Heritage Book published in 2007 will be updated with current officers and festival locations added as a short addenda to the present book. I am presently working on these addenda and hope to have it completed shortly. If you haven't yet seen the NEMFA Heritage Book, there are still plenty available. Remember, that each book is only $10.00 each and may be obtained by sending a check of $10.00 (payable to "NEMFA") plus $2.50 shipping and handling to the following address:

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Lowell Mason House Project
Lowell Mason Poster

by Thomas E. Reynolds




February 3, 2013


The Lowell Mason Foundation has been brainstorming ways of raising the necessary $250,000.00 to complete the restoration of the house, to turn it into a museum and a meeting place. Now that the house has been saved and moved, the next step is to restore the interior and exterior of the house and equip it with services, such as electricity, and water.


One major fund-raising project for the Lowell Mason Foundation which also may be used to support music education initiatives in local schools is the Lowell Mason Music Education poster, shown at the top of this article. A beautiful, full color poster designed by Mrs. Barbara Bose, Foundation members are hoping that music educators around New England would be interested in having  the poster prominently displayed in music rooms throughout the region. The poster sells for $15.00 each and directly supports the restoration of the Lowell Mason House...however, the Lowell Mason Foundation is open to have student music groups at various schools sell the poster for $15.00, with $10.00 going to the restoration of the Lowell Mason House and $5.00 going to the local music student group as a way of supporting student music education initiatives. We are hopeful that a number of schools will want to take part in this fund-raising project.

The Momentum Continues to Build

The Lowell Mason Foundation, Inc. is now certified as a 501-c3 organization and is in a continuous fundraising campaign to raise enough funds to bring the house to the next phase of restoration at a level that will be museum-quality when finished. With continued financial support and encouragement, the Foundation will have the backing it needs to complete this important task of preserving this historical property so significant to the history of music education and church music here in the United States. The members of the Foundation look forward to developing a closer partnership with MMEA as the project moves forward in the next phase of its completion.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Make checks payable to: The Lowell Mason Foundation, P. O. Box 913 Medfield, MA 02052. Your contribution is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent provided by U.S. tax law. ·


- Thomas E. Reynolds



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