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3/26: Account Reporting Remote Training


Please click here to register for the upcoming training event. Further details will be sent via email a few days prior to our training event.

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February 18, 2015
What's New!


Remote Training

We are excited to announce that we will begin offering remote training for the first time in March - see the event registration details on the left. We invested in Smartboard technology a little over a year ago, and after a series of internal training sessions, are excited about being able to start using it. We hope to begin a series of shorter training sessions focused on particular topics of interest that you can access from your desk. These will not be recorded sessions but will be live and interactive.


We can accommodate up to 500 participants at one time so please sign up to learn more about how to administer your USM Foundation accounts.

Fiscal Year 2016 Spendable Income 


We have good news on three fronts related to your spendable income calculations for fiscal year 2016. First, total market values continue to increase. Second, accounts under water (market values less than historic gift value) continue to decrease. And third, spending rates will more than likely increase - 4.0% is the rate that has been recommended by our Spending Committee and it is currently pending approval from the full board. The trend in these three areas is a continuation of the last few years, which has resulted in a steady upward trend in the total spendable income dollars each year as shown below. Additionally, a number of accounts are still holding onto unspent dollars reflected in the carryover number below.  


As state budgets are tightened please remember that you have a growing source of revenue in your Foundation accounts as you're putting together your FY16 budget. 

Market Value at 12/31
Market Value Underwater
$180.5 million
$27.7 million
$209.5 million$5.4 million
$225.8 million$1.0 million
$234.4 million$0.5 million

Spending RateSpendable Income
3.75%$6.2 million$6.4 million
3.75%$7.7 million$6.0 million
20153.90%$8.8 million$6.2 million
4.00%$9.6 million (est.)$6.5 million (est.)