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Important Dates

12/18: Disbursement Request due by 1:30pm for last check run of the calendar year.


12/22: Last day to process ACH or wire transfers for December. Requests due by 12pm. Last check run for the 2014 calendar year. 


12/25-1/2: The USM Foundation Office will be closed for winter break. We will have staff available on 12/29-12/31 to assist with any critical year-end issues.


12/31: Last day for credit card gifts to be processed through the website and count as a 2014 gift.


1/5: The USM Foundation resumes regular hours. No check run today.


1/12: First check run of 2015.


1/15: Administrator and Dashboard Training at UMBC from 9am-12pm. Please register here.

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December 17, 2014
What's New!


Stock Gifts

The end of the calendar year is when we see an increase in donations of stock. Stock gifts provide a double benefit for donors when they transfer their stock directly to a non-profit organization. First, the donor avoids taxes on any gain in the value of the stock, and second, the donation is tax deductible. If the donor were to sell their stock first and then make a donation of the proceeds they would pay taxes on the gains.


We have always accepted stock transfers but in the past year or so, we have also started accepting mutual fund donations. Mutual funds have different classes and certain restricted classes are not transferrable. It is best to contact us ahead of time with the mutual fund information so we can determine if we can accept the transfer.


For both stock transfers and mutual fund donations it is important that the donor complete the stock information form  on our website. Completion of the form will provide us the information we need to book the gift correctly in a timely manner and be able to contact the donor or donor's broker if there are any issues with the transfer.


Finally, you may be aware that individuals can own stock in companies through direct purchase programs with the companies and may not have a broker relationship to execute the transfer. We do have a process for dealing with these situations. Again, please contact us if you have a donor in this situation.

New Year's Resolutions


Kaizen is a Japanese word that means "good change" and is typically used in American businesses to describe a philosophy of continuous improvement. As we look forward to a new year, most of us take the time to reflect on the past and resolve to make these good changes in the year ahead.

The basic principle of kaizen is that a culture of continual aligned small improvements yields large results in overall improvement in productivity, effectiveness, and customer service.


As we head into the New Year we would like your feedback as to what improvements you think we should be looking at implementing in 2015 to effectuate this good change or 
kaizen. Please send us an e-mail with your thoughts of which policies, processes, forms, reports, etc. can be improved to make your interactions with the USM Foundation easier. 

We look forward to your feedback.