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Important Dates

12/20: Last day to process ACH or Wire transfers for December. Requests due by 12pm. 


12/23: Last check run for 2013 calendar year. Items due by 1:30pm on 12/19. 


12/24-1/1: The USM Foundation will be closed for winter break. We will have a skeleton staff available some days: additional details available on our website. 


12/31: Last day for credit card gifts to be processed through the website and count as a 2013 gift.


1/6/14: First check run for 2014 calendar year.


1/16/14: Dashboard Training at UMBC, 1-3:30pm. Register by 1/9.


1/21/14: Administrator Training at UMBC, 9am-12pm. Register by 1/14. 


2/19/14: Administrator Training, 9am-12pm; Dashboard Training, 1:30-4pm at the USM Office. Register by 2/12.

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December 18, 2013
What's New!


Annual Report


Our Annual Report is hot off the press! We are delighted to present a summary of our past fiscal year and we encourage you to visit our website to access the report. For the second year in a row, the cover art for the annual report was selected from student, faculty, and staff submissions from throughout the University System of Maryland. Our theme this year was a quote by Steve Jobs: "I want to put a ding in the universe." We were very impressed with the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into the 88 submissions received.


You can also view the highlights of the report through a Prezi presentation if you're short on time. Please take a moment to visit. 


As we wrap up fiscal year and calendar year 2013, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your hard work. We realize that you are on the front lines every day interfacing with faculty, staff, and donors and we truly appreciate your help in fulfilling our mission of advocating and supporting the advancement of public higher education in Maryland. In your own way, you help us "put a ding in the universe."


We look forward to another exciting and productive year in 2014 and hope everyone has a wonderful winter break and comes back reinvigorated for the New Year! 

End of Year Gifts of Stock Reminder


As we approach year-end we see a significant increase in donations of stock. The biggest challenge for us is identifying who the stock is coming from and to which account it needs to be credited. If you are discussing stock gifts with your donors over the next few weeks, please be aware that the first step in this donation process is for the donor to complete the stock information form on our website. Completion of the form will provide us the information we need to book the gift correctly in a timely manner and to be able to contact the donor or donor's broker if there are any issues with the stock transfer.