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10/30: New Administrator Training, 9am-12pm. For more details and to register, please click here.


Dashboard Training, 1:30pm-4pm. For more details and to register, please click here.


Training will be held in the Chancellor's Conference Room of the Elkins Building. 

Policy Change 
Our travel policy no longer requires the submission of boarding passes with the traveler's DRF documentation, as other documentation (hotel, meal, taxis, etc.) confirm that travel took place. Receipts and/or itineraries for the airline or train tickets are still required. 
September 18, 2013
What's New!


Strategic Plan 


In the past few newsletters, we introduced the mission, vision, and value statements of our new strategic plan, as well as the three main goals. This month we will dive deeper into our first goal, which is to "steward assets to ensure maximum benefit to all campuses and to inspire confidence among donors and prospects."


The strategies to support this goal are:

  1. To manage the investment of endowed and operating funds prudently.
  2. To communicate investment policy and results effectively.
  3. To encourage and facilitate the development of effective stewardship and donor relationship programs at all campuses.
  4.  To demonstrate and lead in the prudent use of spendable income.
  5. To investigate how the USM Foundation can leverage fund investments to promote the USM goal of helping to create more than 325 companies in the next decade.

We will measure our success in these areas by:

  1. Attaining endowment investment returns that are sufficient to maintain purchasing power while providing a reliable stream of income to endowment fund beneficiaries. (currently a hurdle rate of 8%)
  2. Receiving positive feedback from clients and donors specifically in the areas of communication and stewardship.
  3. Increasing private support. 
Scavenger Hunt 


Last month we challenged you to find the answers to our scavenger hunt questions on our website. Congratulations to our first place winner, Akta Patel, from the University of Maryland, College Park! The winner of our second chance drawing is Dominique Pitts from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Everyone who responded to our challenge was entered in the second chance drawing.


Both winners will receive an Underarmour gym bag with the USM Foundation logo. 


Here are the questions and their answers:

  1. Dawn James is the Executive Assistant to our CFO. What is Dawn's dog's name? Sprinkles
  2. How many Board committees do we have? 8
  3. What was the initial gift that founded the USM Foundation? The Wye Herd - 400 Black Angus cattle
  4. How many campuses, foundations, and other organizations are in our list of "Who We Serve?" 20
  5. What are the three "Ways to Give" a gift? Credit card, planned gift, stock
  6. What is the first type of unallowable expense described in our Cash Disbursement policies? Personal expenses
Thanks to everyone who entered!