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August - September: Please use our help e-mail address, especially during this period, as many staff members may be on vacation. Requests sent to an individual's e-mail may not receive prompt attention. 


10/30: New Administrator Training, 9am-12pm. For more details and to register, please click here.


Dashboard Training, 1:30pm-4pm. For more details and to register, please click here.


Training will be held in the Chancellor's Conference Room of the Elkins Building. 

Staff News 


Congratulations to Kate Koyfman, CPA!! Kate passed her CPA exam earlier this year and officially received her CPA license earlier this month. Way to go Kate!

Policy Change 
Our travel policy no longer requires the submission of boarding passes with the traveler's DRF documentation, as other documentation (hotel, meal, taxis, etc.) confirm that travel took place. Receipts and/or itineraries for the airline or train tickets are still required. 
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August 14, 2013
What's New! 


Our new website went live on July 23rd and can be visited at: The site is more vibrant and easier to navigate than our previous site. One of our newest features is to allow administrators, staff, and board members to login for access to data pertinent to their specific needs. One of the features coming soon to the administrator's portal will be an electronic Disbursement Request Form, which is only accessible via the USM Foundation website login.


Please note, the USM Foundation website login is different than your Dashboard login. If you have not already registered for a login on the USM Foundation website, please do so here.


Electronic Disbursement Request Form (E-DRF)


Work has started on the E-DRF. In July, administrators were sent reports indicating the current authorized signers on their accounts and asking for verification of that information. Thank you to those who have responded.


If you have not responded or need to update your signers, please send an e-mail if you need assistance. In order to use the E-DRF, it will be critical that your information on file is current.

Scavenger Hunt  


To help you get acquainted with our new website, we've prepared a scavenger hunt! The first person to respond with the correct answers to the questions below will win an Underarmour gym bag with the USM Foundation logo. Anyone else who responds during the month of August will also be entered into a drawing for another gym bag. We will announce the winners in next month's newsletter.


Here are the questions:

  1. Dawn James is the Executive Assistant to our CFO. What is Dawn's dog's name?
  2. How many Board committees do we have?
  3. What was the initial gift that founded the USM Foundation?
  4. How many campuses, foundations, and other organizations are in our list of "Who We Serve?"
  5. What are the three "Ways to Give" a gift?
  6. What is the first type of unallowable expense described in our Cash Disbursement policies?
USM Foundation employees not eligible to enter.
Strategic Plan 


In last month's newsletter, we introduced the mission, vision, and value statements of our new strategic plan. This month we will introduce the goals:

  1. Steward assets to ensure maximum benefit to all campuses and to inspire confidence among donors and prospects.
  2. Position the USM Foundation as a recognized leader in building USM's culture of philanthropy by securing an additional $10 million in resources to enhance USM advancement programs and ensuring an additional $200 million in new endowment funds over the next five years.
  3. Become a model resource of expertise and best practices, both within the system and nationally, that supports all aspects of advancement and effective management of institutionally related foundations.           

In the next few months we will provide the detailed initiatives and benchmarks for each of these goals.