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Looking Ahead

In August we will be surveying the campuses regarding non-spending of available spendable income. Please keep an eye out for e-mails on this subject. Our goal is to determine what actions we might need to take to help you increase the actual spending rates on your endowment accounts.


Help Us Help You!


1. When completing your DRF, please remember to put the two digit code for your campus in front of your project number.


2. Remember to check out website regularly for updated versions of our forms.


3. Account Agreements, Account Agreement Update, and Dashboard Access forms can be scanned and e-mailed to us. It is not necessary to send the original if you can scan it in.

Who We Are


Director of Business Operations



Accounting Associate -
 Accounts Payable



Bernadette Mannone

Accounting Associate - 

Gift Processing

301-445-2704 ______________________________ 


Dawn James

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and CFO

301-445-2713 ______________________________ 


John Simcox

Staff Accountant and 

Payroll Administrator

301-445-2734 ______________________________ 


Kate Koyfman

Investments Staff Accountant

301-445-2706 ______________________________


  Linda Ringer

Client Relations Specialist

301-445-2717 ______________________________


Randy Possehl

Grants Coordinator and Staff Accountant Contracts

301-445-2710 ______________________________ 


Roy Hossler

Senior Executive Accountant

301-445-1949 ______________________________


Virginia (Ginger) Whelley

Assistant Comptroller

301-445-2726 ______________________________


Pam Purcell

Vice President of Finance and CFO, General Counsel 


August 17, 2012
Important Dates


8/17: Roll out of Administrator Dashboards.


9/11: UMBC Dashboard Training, 9-11:30am at UC312, RSVP to Liz Lander by September 7th.



9/20: Dashboard Training, USMF Atrium, 1:30-4pm. Session for all clients except UMBC. Please e-mail us to register. For more information, please see the June Monthly Ledger.


9/25: UMBC Dashboard Training, 9-11:30am at UC312, RSVP to Liz Lander by September 21st.


11/28Payroll Deduction cards must be received by USMF to ensure delivery to Central Payroll and to meet deadline for deductions to start promptly in 2013. If you have specific questions, contact Bernadette Mannone.

What's New!


The Administrator Dashboards are live as of today. If you have gone to training and have your log-ins and passwords, please log-in over the next day or two to review the information and refresh what you learned in training. Let us know if you have any questions.


If you have not yet attended training, please be advised that log-ins will only be given after attending a training session. Please see the above listed schedule for upcoming training sessions at UMBC and here at the Elkins building in September. We will also be starting a new administrator's training program during the fall so that each semester, new employees can be trained on USM Foundation policies and procedures in addition to Dashboard. Please watch upcoming newsletters for announcements regarding these sessions.


We continue to work through a few technical issues with the remote server. If you experience any excessive slowness or other errors, please let us know so we can resolve the issues for you.


An updated training guide will be available on our website next week. There will be some additional instructions included based on the feedback we had during the training sessions. If you still have the document handed out in training you may want to print an updated version.


We are still working on setting up user IDs and passwords for users who have completed a Dashboard Access Request Form. We hope to contact you with your log-in credentials next week.


And finally, we continue to scan project documentation such as MOU's and account agreements. Please give us a few more weeks to finish up this work.

Have You Ever Wondered...
When you need to provide us a Social Security Number or Corporate EIN with a DRF and when you don't?

If you are reimbursing someone for out-of-pockets expenses - for example: office supplies, hosting a guest speaker, travel, etc. - a Social Security number is not required.


If the payment is for the delivery of goods or services of any kind, then we need a taxpayer id - SSN for individuals and EINs for businesses. You will need to submit a W-9 with the DRF if it's a new payee. If there is a W-9 already on file with the USM Foundation, then a new W-9 is not needed unless the payee has changed names or address. There may be additional documentation required for foreign payees-please refer to our website for these policies and procedures.


With the start of Dashboard, the social security field on the DRF has been blocked for confidentiality reasons so that it is not visible to Dashboard viewers. The W-9 is scanned and attached to the vendor record, not the invoice record, and will not be accessible to Dashboard viewers.


If you happen across a social security number while using Dashboard, please send us an e-mail and include the payee name, project number and dollar value.


Your assistance in maintaining this important information is appreciated.

Coming Soon!  


In the coming months, we will be making format and layout changes to our newsletter and other client facing documentation. Our goal is to be more consistent in the use of our logo and colors throughout USMF. The content of the newsletter will remain basically the same but hopefully the visual presentation will be more appealing for everyone. As these changes are introduced, please let us know what you think.