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Looking Ahead


We are re-instituting an old friend in a different format. You will be receiving a newsletter monthly. It is scheduled to arrive by email the second week of the month just prior to your spendable income reports.


As the Foundation grows and seeks to improve our customer service, you can look forward to greater access to Financial Edge, consistent and timely reporting and regularly scheduled training/educational events.

Help Us Help You!

Disbursement Request Forms
1Please use the current form located on our website. After January 1st, old forms will be returned. Remember to use the full project number (ex: 01-00000) and title.

2. Please tape receipts and other documentation flat to a sheet of paper. All DRFs and supporting documentation are now being scanned directly in Financial Edge for future use. No staples, please!


3. If you need a copy of your invoice to accompany a check, please send that with your DRF.


4. Check the website for a current list of expense codes.


5. Regularly review the Policy and Procedures section of our website for current data. All are being reviewed and updated. 


AP Checks


1. All AP checks issued by the Foundation are now considered stale dated after 90 days from date of issue. Checks will automatically be voided. Please encourage payees to handle their payments accordingly.


2. Ensure your payee's address is correct. If the check comes back to the University, please include an envelope with your address.

Who We Are


Director of Business Operations



Accounting Associate -
 Accounts Payable



Bernadette Mannone

Accounting Associate - 

Gift Processing

301-445-2704 ______________________________ 


Dawn James

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and CFO

301-445-2713 ______________________________ 


John Simcox

Staff Accountant and 

Payroll Administrator

301-445-2734 ______________________________ 


Kate Koyfman

Investments Staff Accountant

301-445-2706 ______________________________


  Linda Ringer

Client Relations Specialist

301-445-2717 ______________________________


Randy Possehl

Grants Coordinator and Staff Accountant Contracts

301-445-2710 ______________________________ 


Roy Hossler

Senior Executive Accountant

301-445-1949 ______________________________


Virginia (Ginger) Whelley

Assistant Comptroller

301-445-2726 ______________________________


Pam Purcell

Vice President of Finance and CFO, General Counsel 


November 14, 2011
Important Dates


11/17: DRFs due by 1:30pm 


12/7Payroll Deduction cards must be received by USMF to ensure delivery to Central Payroll.


12/16: DRFs due by 1:30pm for last check run for calendar year 2011


12/19: Last check run for 2011


12/27: Bill Wojcik and Ginger Whelley available by e-mail


12/28: Office open from 9am-2pm. Bill Wojcik, John Simcox, and Bernadette Mammone in office, Ginger Whelley available by e-mail.


12/29: Office open from 9am-2pm. Bill Wojcik, Bernadette Mammone, and Ginger Whelley in office.


12/30: Office open from 9am-2pm. Bill Wojcik, Kate Koyfman, and Randy Poessehl in office.  


1/9: First check run for calendar year 2012

What's New!


The Foundation is excited to have three new staff members join the Business Services Office at the Foundation over the past few months.


Bill Wojcik joined the Foundation as Director of Business Operations in June. He most recently worked for Blackbaud, Inc. as a senior financial consultant, and has over 25 years of experience in financial management and financial systems implementation.


Also in June, Kate Koyfman joined the Foundation as a staff accountant. She has more than seven years of accounting experience. Prior to joining the Foundation, Kate worked as an accounting manager at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, D.C.


Naomi Johnson joined the staff in October. Naomi joins the Foundation from the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center at UMCP. Naomi will be splitting her time between the Business Services Office and the USM Advancement Office where she will be supporting the special events area.

Have You Ever Wondered...
About those reports you receive each month?

Project activity reports are now being sent by email automatically to the administrator on record. Sending the reports electronically saves time and paper. It also makes it critical for our clients to advise us of administrator changes. If an administrator has left your unit, please send us an updated Account Agreement Update form. Please remember the administrator cannot be an authorized signer on the account.


The first report you receive will contain the activity for your Operating accounts and the Spendable Income portion of your Endowment accounts. Our goal will be to have these reports to you by the 15th working day after the end of the month.


The second report you will receive will contain the activity for the Non-Spendable portion (new gifts and investment activity) of your Endowment accounts. These reports will still be sent in the same time frame as the reports you received in the past, about 45 days after month-end.


By splitting the reports into two sets we are able to give you your spending information about 30 days earlier than we have in the past. Hopefully this will be beneficial to you as you manage your spending in the coming year.