Not sure if everyone will understand this analogy, but launching into 2016 reminds me of riding my souped up, chopped Harley "back in the day." I used to love nailing the throttle for everything it had, hanging on trying to keep the front wheel on the ground while powering through the gears. Exhilarating! 

We Hit the Ground Running in January...We landed back in Chiangmai in mid-January with an IT Team from Faith Comes By Hearing waiting for us. We are working with them to launch a viral app to spread the Word of God throughout the many languages of SE ASIA. Three people groups were chosen for the initial launch; within a very short time people were listening to the Word of God in Thailand, Burma, Laos and China.

Chagy and I-Net 
Chagy the Clown Comes To Town ...Out of the blue we were connected with the amazing ministry of Chagy the Clown; a world class professional clown who has worked with Ringling Brothers and Circus Soleil. Chagy blessed our kids, did street performances in town and blessed Mamalor Village with powerful performances that boldly and powerfully witnessed the love of God.
2016 Graduating Class
When It Rains It Pours ... The blessings just kept on coming; Guest Ministers, a Leadership Conference, our Bible School Graduation and a Church Dedication. AND...the Duford family came and built an 18-Hole Miniature Golf Course on our foundation property for our children and staff to enjoy. I'm still pinching myself to check if this is all for real!

Jason and Shanaya Moved From Thailand to Tucson ...
This was a tough one for us and them, but they moved back to Tucson to run the US office operations for LWMI and Mai Thai Coffee. We "really" miss them here, but they are doing a great job in taking the reins of the US side of the ministry. What a blessing to have children working with us to fulfill the mission God has given us. Jeremy and Sonya are still with us in Thailand doing a great job.
Back To My Motorcycle Analogy ...We still have the wheels on the ground, but the scenery is passing by real quick as we power into 2016!
More New Churches Being Dedicated in March ...One dedication down and three more dedications to go this month. We are finishing up the dedications for churches built in 2015. We ended up with 13 churches being built. Is that cool or what! 
Naw Muang Church Dedication 
Our goal is to build 12 more churches in 2016 ...We still have the matching fund offer for every church we build; we only need to raise $5000 per church location and a beautiful building will go up. We have built over 150 churches to date. On any given Sunday, no less than 20,000 people will worship at these locations. Literally thousands of people have come to Christ through this vital ministry. Thank you for helping us make this happen!
It is our privilege to represent you in foreign missions.
God Bless You Richly...
Charlie & Cathy Milbrodt

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Living Word Ministries International | PO Box 70000 | Tucson | AZ | 85737