Ban Den Children
This has been a great year for Living Word Ministries International. We have built a record 14 churches this year bringing our total to over 140 churches built in the Nation of Thailand. We've ramped up our training to meet the ever growing need for leaders to fuel the expansion of God's Kingdom. A new building is being constructed to expand our bible school capacity. The security of our three main children's homes has been upgraded with video surveillance and security walls at all properties. Security guards are on duty 24/7 at our main facility.

Secure in an Unsecured World...
It was one year ago when we shared with you that the government required us to upgrade security at our three children's home compounds. Since then, over a half mile of walls have been built, security cameras installed that maintain round the clock surveillance and guards are on duty 24/7. Our true security is in Christ and His protecting angels, but it also feels good to have the natural side of things covered for our children's safety. Thank you partners for making this possible!
Powerful Project Nearing Completion... Our bible school has always been the heart of our operation in Thailand and yet it rarely gets recognition. Our original mandate from God was to come to Thailand and train up national Christian leaders to preach the Gospel. Hundreds of ministers have been trained and launched from our facility. Other Christian organizations depend on our bible school as a source for staffing their ministries. The 140 churches built would have never been possible without our school. Our new bible school building is almost complete! We should be able to move in next month. This facility will expand our ability to reach and train many more Gospel workers.

A Dream is Becoming a Reality... It is time to advance the vision....our foundation has recently been approved to receive infants and pre-school children who have been abandoned. Our dream is to build a home where we can receive and care for these precious ones. It all started when we found our sons Jason and Jeremy abandoned and helpless on a mountaintop 26 years ago. We started Abundant Life Children's Home as a result of that experience. Jason and his wife Shanaya and Jeremy and his wife Sonya now serve God together in our organization.

We are asking our partners to consider this special project in your year end giving. That can be done through a gift designated "Baby's Home." Together we can make this dream a reality!
It is our honor to represent you in foreign missions. It is exciting to see what is being accomplished through our partnership.
God Bless You Richly,

Charlie & Cathy
Living Word Ministries International

PS: Forgot to mention...the well has been drilled and is now supplying fresh water to our children at the Ban Den facility.
Living Word Ministries International