As I write this letter, we are two days into a four day seminar with our pastors, evangelist, staff and students. Our facility is packed; we have 30 of our pastors housed at a nearby resort as we are at capacity. Guest speakers Paul Young, Craig Demo and Matt Parker are delivering great messages.


What A Difference
Ten Years Can Make...Suwit, one of our District Leaders, made a comment that caught  my attention. In the ten years he has been in charge of his district, church membership has grown from 805 members to 4,210 members. In that same time frame our teams have built 21churches in his district accommodating the explosive growth. And that's only one of our districts!

Light of the Gospel Outshines Death Threats...
Last Sunday we dedicated the Joping Church. It was a glorious service with nearly 500 in attendance. Sitting on the platform that morning I couldn't help but remember back ten years ago when Turee, one of our evangelists, was working this village. It was a time when drugs were rampant and the lives of youth were being snuffed out.
Turee made a stand against the drug dealers and as a result faced intense persecution. Death threats and threats of violence got so intense we had to relocate Turee and his family; they had become targets to be eliminated. In reality they became the seeds of righteousness that eventually overpowered the darkness and brought light to this region. Jesus said it best..."And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18 


Self Sustaining
Project  Launched ...   We have a team from Water of Life Church with us as well this week. The last two days they have worked on a project that will produce meat for our children as well as methane cooking gas for our kitchen. This pilot project will be duplicated at all of our children home locations; the savings in cooking gas alone will be over $4,000 annually. The meat production will help supply protein to our children's diet. Thank you Water of Life for initiating this project!

It continues to be our humble privilege to represent you in foreign missions. We share a common reward as lives are changed and God is glorified.

God Bless You Richly...

Charlie & Cathy Milbrodt

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