I seem to have a vague memory of "Lazy Days of Summer" somewhere in my past... We have the "Summer Days" but the "Lazy" part got lost somewhere! I must say though, it is a joy to have a life of purpose and opportunity to fulfill that purpose.


We were blessed to receive 47 new children in our program this year... most of them very young, but a handful in their early teens. All came from difficult situations, but are finding a new life here at our children's home.


Tawan is a 4 year old little boy that grew up on the street... His father deserted the family and his mother has been in and out of a mental institution the last few years. The Social Services Department brought this little guy to us two months ago. He didn't speak Thai and apparently had never used a toilet. We were a little shocked because whenever he "had to go" he just squatted and went! We don't know how he survived when his mother was institutionalized. A very rough situation for a four year old, but God has moved in a wonderful way. Have you ever noticed that God moves when His people move! Tawan is beginning to communicate and interact with others. With some time he will become another one of the amazing miracles of a life transformed through the love of God's people.


Over 50 children At Our Home Are Without Sponsors... Not all have as radical a background as Tawan, but all of them have a story that resulted in them being brought to Abundant Life Children's Home. Maybe you could add one of these children to your circle of love and provide the support necessary for us to give them a chance at life. You can sign up to sponsor a child at, or send us an email at You can also call our office at 520-297-2235.


Four New Church Dedications... In June and July we dedicated two churches and two more are ready for dedication in August. That will make a total of 135 churches that have been built and dedicated since the year 2000. People are coming to Christ and God's Kingdom is rapidly expanding in Thailand. Thank you for your part in making this possible!


It is our privilege to represent you in foreign missions. God Bless You Richly...


Charlie & Cathy Milbrodt  


PS - We recently posted the newsletters from our early years in Thailand in the 'archives' section of our website. You will find exciting reports from as far back as 29 years ago when we first started this journey. Click here to check it out. 


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