I used to race motorcycles back in the day. I had a Harley for cruising the highways and a Husqvarna for racing in the dirt. The Moto-Cross track was a regular hangout. The start of races was the most intense experiences I have ever had; fifty bikes at the start line revving their engines waiting for the gate to drop. It was a deafening moment as we ran straight pipes back then. When the gate dropped, it was a mad dash for the first corner; if you could make it in the first batch, it was clear sailing as you led the pack. If you got there slow, you ate dust.
A Successful Launch... is critical in a race and has much to do with your outcome. Likewise, we are all running a race for Jesus; each year is an opportunity to launch fresh and new into His calling and purpose for our lives. My prayer is that you got out of the gate well this year in your personal life. As a team, we are doing good; let's let the momentum build! Even if your start was slow...we have plenty of time to win.
A Glance At The Rear View Mirror...  We are out of the gates running real strong and look to see a Banner Year Expanding God's Kingdom with a Bumper Crop of Souls Won and Kingdom Exploits Accomplished!
  • Over 700 children being cared for in our programs. 24 graduated out and 28 new kids were accepted.
  • We opened the bible school with 42 students.
  • We are producing a 208 lesson audio bible program complete with 3 work books for each lesson. This will be available to Thai speaking people worldwide via app or web access.
  • We built 10 churches - That brings us to 130+ churches.
  • We "nearly" completed the new Ban Den Children's Home facility; now all of our children are housed in buildings that we own free and clear on our own land.
  • We purchased three acres of river front land to launch another children's home in a very strategic area that will give us access to over 40 unreached villages and 20 semi-reached villages.
  • We conducted five Leaders' Conferences.
  • We sponsored outreaches to China, Viet Nam and Laos and have taken ongoing financial responsibility for the training and care of students from Viet Nam and Laos that are being trained for ministry
  • We built two homes for widows

These are the highlights, it was an exciting year, but I have a feeling 2015 is going to be even better!


Thank you for your part in making this possible!

Charlie & Cathy Milbrodt



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