What a blessing to be able to use the technology of the day to declare the Wonderful Works of God! This will date us a little, but when we came to Thailand, the fax machine was not yet on the market. We used the Telex Telegraph System where you would pay per letter used. Messages were usually a line or two and abbreviated; the "original" texting system I guess!
Saigon Streets
Can You Keep A Secret...
We have been supporting and working with one of our graduates to reach a certain people group in Viet Nam, Laos and China for over 20 years. Due to the delicate nature of the work in restricted countries we have never publicly shared this. The work is exploding and I think it is time to let the secret out. We will still be discreet and not mention names, places or publish pictures, but we will begin to report progress. Short wave was the initial means to penetrate these restricted countries; it has been estimated that over a half a million people have come to Christ through this outreach.
Leaders Are The Key
Explosive Church Growth in Viet Nam and Laos... 
Death threats, imprisonment and torture have not been able to stop the explosive growth in Laos and especially Viet Nam. Leadership development is essential to fuel this growth. A training facility in a discreet location in a third country is training leaders from Viet Nam and Laos. Due to financial constraints, hungry students are being turned away; less than 25% of applicants are being accepted. We have to take the lid off this to embrace the growth that God is giving. Funds are needed to secure a larger facility and accommodate operational expenses; this is why we are finally bringing this project to the attention of our partners. We will share more about this with you next month.
Triple A Five Star Rating...
Our work with children in Thailand has been recognized and honored with a top notch rating by the Thai Government. This prestigious position also comes with a stricter set of required standards. Government officials have assessed our operation; we have passed with flying colors in facilities, care, counseling, health, hygiene, nutrition, physical education, academics, etc.. The biggest challenge we are dealing with is solving the security issues for our three properties.
Worth Protecting
Security Threat To Our Children... 
We are tackling the main compound in Doi Saket first. We have had a number of theft and trespassing issues and we need to secure our property to protect our children. We need to construct a 600 foot wall, a guard booth - security gate along with video surveillance system. The Wall will cost $16,000, Guard Booth and Gate $5300, Surveillance System $2000. Thank you for prayerfully considering a special gift to help us secure our property for our children.

Cathy and I Thank You for the Honor and Privilege of Representing You in Foreign Missions here in Asia!!!

Our Love In Christ

Charlie & Cathy Milbrodt
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