It seems the crazier things get in the world, the more doors open for God's work to succeed. I won't try to profess that this is a sign of the end times as the bible says "no man knows the day or hour." I do have my ticket in hand though, and am ready to launch out of here when that time comes. In the mean time, I am kind of a simple guy and I just look at it as a very strategic time to make major impact with the Gospel. We are on a mission to populate heaven with as many righteous saints as we can!
Kingdom Expansion... 
Tekokey Church
In the last nine months we have built ten churches. In the next ten months we want to build twelve more churches. In a recent survey of the 120+ churches we have built to date, there are now over 18,000 people that are current members in those churches. This began to grow twenty years ago, but began to "dramatically grow" the last ten years. Now we are on the threshold to reach new heights of success; meaning thousands of souls won into the Kingdom of God through a church planting movement.
Matching Fund for Church Building Projects... 
Partnership and Cooperation make it possible for matching funds for church plants. We need to raise $5000 per location for the next twelve church construction projects to be successfully completed. Our goal is to build the next twelve churches in a ten month period. Could you please consider a special gift to help us accomplish this goal? You might be able to underwrite a whole project, which would be wonderful. Or, perhaps you could cover a portion of a church. Whatever you give will be multiplied in our church construction project. Thank you for considering your part in this amazing opportunity.
It's Been a Bitter Sweet Year Here...
Narongsak & Nan
The Sweet Part: We had three staff weddings and a birth of a baby by a staff member; these were wonderful occasions that have solidified the strength of the team here. Our bible school reopened after a two year closure... what a blessing to get rolling again. We have revamped a number of things and have the best program we have ever offered. We are looking forward to many, many graduates entering the ministry in the years ahead. The Bitter Part came on opening day of school when on of our high school students was killed as a result of a motorcycle accident. Satapawn was returning home from his first day of attending technical school. He wrecked on the way home, was rushed to the hospital, but passed to glory the next day. We know he is in heaven, which is our consolation. We miss him here, which is our sorrow.
Partnership is a Wonderful Thing...
One of our Newest Angels

Partnership is a Wonderful Thing... It helps us realize that none of us stand alone; we are all dependent on one another. The last 28 years we have enjoyed the fruits of partnership here in Asia and from home in America. This has resulted in tens of thousands of lives being touched with the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are on a mission to populate heaven with as many righteous saints as we can. Thank you for your part in making that happen.

It Remains a Great Honor for us to Represent You in Foreign Missions!


Our Love In Christ


Charlie & Cathy Milbrodt

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