Wow!!! Who put this year on the fast track! Wonderful things are taking place; many lives are being touched. We have been blessed with three awesome groups of guest already this year. Each team has been a tremendous blessing and boost to the work here. To make things interesting, we have four weddings over the next six weeks; all involve staff members. Also, two of our staff families had babies last month. (will post some pics on Facebook soon)
In the Midsts of all the Action... 
We have been working very hard on the Ban Den Children's Home and things are "almost" wrapped up and ready for the kids to move in. Painting is finishing up this week, curtains are being made right now, and commercial kitchen equipment has been delivered and isntalled. To me, this project seems to be an "eternal project." I may have tooted our horn a little early a month ago when I said the project is done! Basically, the building construction was done at that time. I was so focused on that finish line that I seemed to overlook the other "ninety nine" things that needed to be done to make it a home!
We Didn't See This Coming 
The property at Ban Den is located just above a large property owned and operated by the King's Royal Project. We have excavated the property and completed our construction...Praise God! But, when a heavy rain comes, our 3 acre property drains onto the Royal Project property. We have been notified that this will not be acceptable and that we need to install eaves troughs (rain gutters) on all buildings and divert the water from our property to an area that will not affect the Royal Project.
Eaves Troughs and 680 Feet of Drainage Pipe Is Needed...

This was not in our budget and yet we have two months to complete this before rainy season begins. Eaves troughs will cost just over $3,000 and 680' of drainage system will cost $4,300. Ideally we would also put our road on the property at this time. That would eliminate all mud mess throughout the six month rainy season. 7800 sq/ft of cement is needed to complete the road. Cost for road construction is $16,000.


Could you please prayerfully consider helping with a special gift for these projects? It is greatly appreciated and the children who will call Ban Den their home thank you! 

Thank You and God Bless You Richly...


Charlie & Cathy


PS: The eaves troughs and drainage are not optional; we are required to have these in place by May. The road is not absolutely essential at this time, but if not constructed we will have a mud hole where our big six wheel trucks enter and exit the property throughout rainy season.
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