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Our family took a short trip to the USA this summer to attend the wedding Jeremy and Sonya Weddingof our son Jeremy and his bride Sonya. It was a beautiful service and a glorious day that Jeremy and Sonya began their new life together. We are doubly blessed to have them serving the Lord together with us here in Thailand. Congratulations Jeremy and Sonya!


Short Term Teams Make Massive Impact... We have been hosting teams for years and have seen great results; we took it to a new level this year with even more strategically targeted projects. The feedback we are getting is very positive. We have continued the typical internal projects that impact our ministry, staff and children, as well as expanding to incorporate projects directly involved with the government, health and education systems. Earlier this year we began approaching the government and local officials in each of the three regions where our ministry is based. We have asked how we can join hands to effectively meet the needs of the local population; especially the non-Christian population (hence evangelism with the governments help!)


Teams Making an ImpactOfficials Are Calling Us Cutting Edge and God's Kingdom is Expanding... Our projects have included building and providing soccer goals for Doi Saket County and Sahamit School, building toilets in a poor non-Christian village, building a house for an elderly couple that were living in a run down shack where pigs and dogs roamed freely as well as conducting a medical clinic where locals did not have immediate access to medical care. These projects have caught the attention of local officials and broken down walls that were once up against Christianity. Many other projects carried out have blessed our children and staff. Through the help of our visiting teams, we have even begun an agricultural project that will help us produce pesticide free vegetables for our kids.


Roaster Setup Professional Coffee Roasting Facility Donated to LWMI... An almost brand new coffee roasting system valued at over $60,000.00 has been donated to our ministry! We need your help to get it to Thailand. There are details about this in the link below. The system will be shipped to Thailand in an ocean going container. We would also like to take advantage of this opportunity and get some athletic equipment and lawn grooming equipment brought through at the same time. Weight and space is not an issue so we would like to purchase four sets of Olympic style weights and bench press, floor mats as well as three new commercial Honda lawn mowers. These items are not available in Thailand, but will be a tremendous blessing to the ministry here. 


Social Transformation Project Gaining Momentum... We haven't talked about the coffee project much to our partners. We found it a little bit sensitive as some people couldn't see the link of "Coffee and Christ." On our side of the planet we have found this project to be one of the most powerful "Gospel Projects" we have seen in 27 years of ministry here. Over 200 villages are now involved, well over a million coffee trees planted and impacting over 2,000 families already. In a nutshell this means that children will quit falling through the cracks because families will now be able to provide for their own. Villages that have been strongly opposed to Christianity are opening their hearts and minds to the Gospel as we help them to help themselves. It is truly a social transformation system that is affecting the lives of tens of thousands of people already.


The new roasting facility will further enhance this project and allow us to begin producing and marketing coffee right here in Thailand. Jobs, businesses and more changed lives will be the result. To view a PDF with more details please click here


Thank You for your part in our lives and are a blessing!


Charlie & Cathy


PS: We are outfitting exercise rooms at all three of our children's homes. The container coming through will allow us to get some supplies through that are not available in Thailand. We need help with the following:


Container Shipping Cost          $  4500

4 Olympic Weight Sets            $   350 each

4 Bench Press Units                $   300 each

100 Interlocking floor mats       $  1900

3 Commercial Honda Mowers     $   900 each

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