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This has been such an exciting month; we hope you enjoy the photos along with this report.


It Started With Something We Never Did Before... Dr Geleris We conducted a full blown dental clinic in remote mountain villages' hours away from roads and the nearest town. Dr Joe and Linda Geleris and their grown children Bri and Daniel brought a portable dental unit complete with a selection of drills, suction hose and the works! Fillings, cleanings and oral surgery were performed on a seemingly endless line of curious villagers. At one point Doc asked me to find the absolute worst case of black teeth. I made an announcement and the village women clamored to get in line smiling from ear to ear revealing their betel nut blackened teeth. We chose the "Betel Nut Queen" and brought her in for a makeover! For those of you who don't know about betel nut, it is the seed of a palm that people across SE and South Asia chew leaving the mouths indelibly stained black.


Refugee Relief Mae Surin Refugee Camp Outreach Has Been An Outstanding Success... We have sent several truckloads of relief supplies and food. Over 95% of the 435 homes that were lost in fire have been rebuilt. Final construction is wrapping up. We have helped to rebuild 2 churches that were lost in the fires. A hearty thanks to all our partners who gave so generously enabling us to make a massive impact in this disaster. In the month of June we will be making one last delivery of food and household goods as well as joining two church dedications for the new refugee camp churches.

  Jason & Shanaya Graduation

College Graduates.... Our son Jason and his wife Shanaya  both graduated from Bethel College in Indiana. We are so proud of the kids and so glad that they are here in Thailand helping us; Jason and Shanaya have becom  e a vital part of the LWMI Team.


Emergency Surgery for Infant.... On our journey deep into the jungle with Dr Geleris, we came across an infant that was born without an anal opening. Emergency surgery had been performed to allow the waste to exit the abdomen area. We escorted the child and parents back to Chiangmai where they could get the proper medical attention. Many babies die in situations like this  because the parents have never been out to a civilized town area, don't speak the language well and are generally helpless. Thank God for the opportunity to help this family.


Ban Den Children's Home Project Update... We have made some wonderful progress in spite of a very challenging situation. We had to change builders half way through the project which slowed us down and cost us a lot of money. We are now back on track and it looks to be less than two months to finish all the work that is in progress. Buildings paid for and finished are the Meeting Hall, the Kitchen - Dining Hall and Toilets. Buildings paid for but still being constructed are the Girls Dormitory, Girls Shower & Laundry area and the Boys Shower & Laundry Area. That leaves only the Boys Dormitory which will cost us right at $30,000. Due to increasing costs since we began the project, changing builders mid-course, and a weakening US$; the project ended up costing about 40K more than we anticipated. Good News is we are almost there!


The LWMI Family is Impacting the Nations for the Kingdom of God.... Thank You for your part.


God Bless You Richly,


Charlie and Cathy

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