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Earlier this month we sent an emergency E-Report highlighting the situation at the Mae Surin Refugee Camp. A devastating fire swept through the camp leaving well over 2400 people homeless, 37 dead and others still missing. The Thai Government stated this is the most devastating refugee camp fire in twenty years.


Mom and Son
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It Has Also Been One of the Most Difficult Disasters to Follow up. Police and Military clearance is needed to even access the camp. Thank God that has not been a problem for us as two of our graduates from over 20 years ago are government officials in this region and have been able to provide the necessary clearances for us.


Things Quickly Got Complicated when the government declared the area a crime scene due to suspicions of how the fire started; this hindered initial response efforts. We are not allowed to comment on this, but it seems obvious that foul play was involved.


We Had an Amazing Response to the E-Report and have been able to source food, clothing, shoes, cooking utensils, water containers and wash tubs. These vital supplies are essential for these precious refuges, many who were burned out when they fled Burma to seek safe asylum in Thailand. Their hardships are difficult to fathom.


The Majority of the Affected Refugees are Christians. They have lost everything they own in this terrible fire. Two churches and a bible school were also burned to the ground. The UN is providing supplies for the refugees to re-build their homes, but they will not provide supplies for constructing the churches or bible school.


We Want to Provide 1000 Bibles and Help Rebuild the Churches. Bibles are 300 baht each or $10.00 each. We want to distribute the bibles the last week of April when our trucks take other supplies in. We are researching the cost to rebuild the churches and would like to assist with these projects
World in Hands
Together We Can Help

Thank you for considering a special gift to help
the refugees at the Mae Surin Camp.



God Bless,


Charlie and Cathy

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