A terrible fire swept through the Mae Surin Refugee Camp at the Thai - Burma border. Statistics as of today are 2,000 houses burned to ground with total loss of home and property; 37 dead and one still missing. Over 3,000 people living under the stars waiting for relief help. Basic and minimal food is being provided and some clothing is being provided at this time. Other agencies will be working at providing wood, bamboo and roofing materials to rebuild.


The deceased
37 are dead and one is still missing
All that's left
Only the roofing remains from these homes

















We were in contact with the government officials at Khun Yuam District where the camp is located. The head government official in charge is Suchiwi, a graduate of our bible school 25 years ago. He has been promoted through the years to a place of influence in Mae Hong Son Province and is the head official in the Khun Yuam District where the camp is located and is able to secure military and police clearance for our trucks to enter the disaster zone.


As chief logistics coordinator, Suchiwi is coordinating the relief goods coming in; he is asking the concerned parties to help in specific ways. He has asked our foundation to supply flip flop type shoes, a plate and utensils for eating for up to 3,000 affected people. Our cost is $5.00/person to provide these items; total $15,000.00.

"We just received confirmation that Feed The Hungry will provide the shoes and eating utensils for 3,000 people!"

The officials have also asked that we would supply a cooking pot, a plastic wash tub and a 2.5 gallon water jug per household for up to 2,000 households that have lost everything. Our cost is $18.00/household; total $36,000.00.


Surveying the damage
A neighborhood used to be here 

















We will have photos and video to send by Tuesaday as our team is mobilizing to go in this weekend. Updates will follow.


Easter weekend is here, these people need their life resurrected!


Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated.  God Bless!

Charlie and Cathy


PS: Credit card donations are the quickest way to get money to us. Contact me via email if you need bank wire information. Checks can be sent to our Tucson AZ address. LWMI, PO Box 70090 Tucson AZ 85737

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