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The heartbeat of our2012 Bible School Class ministry has always been the training of national Christian leaders. That is the vision and call God sent us to Thailand with over 25 years ago. We hit another high point in the fulfillment of that vision when another class of students completed their two year training in March 2012; an awesome group of students that are already taking their place in reaching their generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


There is Something to be said about Finding your Core Purpose and Sticking With It... For 25 years we have systematically trained and launched leaders into God's work in Thailand. The results are over 100 churches pioneered and constructed and tens of thousands of new believers that have come to Christ. Add to that thousands of children being reached, rescued and cared for and you have the makings of a successful Kingdom Adventure!


True Kingdom Success ALWAYS Results through Solid Partnership... God has given us an amazing group of partners and a wonderful team in Thailand. That combination is getting the job done.....Thank You for your part in this Winning Team!


New Computers for the Doi Saket Dormitory... Unfortunately, many Thai children don't have access to computers at their home. Our computer labs have definitely given the children at Abundant Life Children's Home an edge in their studies and as a result, our kids have always tested out quite well. I could hardly believe it when our IT department told me our computer lab needed new equipment. "We just bought those," I exclaimed. "That was seven years ago," was their reply as they explained that our computer lab is of the dinosaur era in computer terms.


We are Replacing 12 Computer Stations... along with installing a wireless system with a monitoring mechanism to be sure our kids are not surfing in dangerous waters. The price tag is $5,100.00, which is just over $400.00 per station. This is a mandatory upgrade that must be completed before May 1st. Please consider a special gift to help us replace the outdated computers and keep our kids on the cutting edge.


We will close for month we will share some exciting news about new church plants in unreached areas. Thank You so much for your part in this ministry.


God Bless You Richly,


Charlie and Cathy

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