March 2009


These are some pretty awesome times! More people were born into the kingdom of God in the decade of the nineties than the previous 1900 years prior. And the opening decade of the new millennium is looking to be as fruitful. If we sharpen our focus on whats happening in the Kingdom of God we can not help but rejoice.

What impresses me most is that this tremendous work being accomplished worldwide is not the result of a handful of Christian Super Stars. But, rather the cumulative results of an army of believers across the earth that are faithfully fulfilling their part of the task.

I have preached many times that the Body of Christ is called to win the world for Christ, which is quite a task for a Volunteer Army that runs on Donations! In spite of the monumental task, we are successfully conquering this world for Christ.

Cathy and I have been in the ministry for over twenty six years. We can look back over these years and recognize the precious people God has brought into our lives to help us get the job done. Through this letter, we would like to bring special recognition to Leonard and Pat Lindauer. The Lindauers definitely stand out as a couple that God has used in an awesome way to help bring LWMI to where we are today. This precious couple faithfully served LWMI for over 14 years. They began with us when we had a handful of partners and ran our accounting out of a shoebox. Wow.we have come a long way since then!

Thank You Leonard and Pat for your faithful service to the Lord. Leonard and Pat are officially retired now but still very active in their service to the Lord. On the same note we thank you, our partners, who have been there every step of the way. Together we really are getting some Kingdom Business taken care of.Thank You!

Its Time To Build:  Our children at the Mae La Noi facility are growing up.most of them are in their early teens now or quickly approaching teenage years. We have been putting off the dormitory expansion due to economic circumstances, but we cant put this off any longer. We had a visit from government officials asking us to get the boys and the girls into separate facilities as soon as possible.  They have stressed that this needs to be done right away. We currently have 101 children in a facility that was never designed as a dormitory. After the construction of proper dorm facilities the first structure will return to being the kitchen/dining area as well as church and meeting facilities.

We have included a simple drawing of the facility we want to construct. Eventually we will have two of these dorm structures. Our goal for 2009 is to get the first one finished. The square footage is 5900 sq/ft. Each dorm can accommodate 108 to 120 children depending on bed arrangement (216 to 240 children total in two units). This will give us ample room to grow at this facility. There are so many children at risk that need a safe haven to call home. Total cost for each dorm is $140,000.00 plus $10,000.00 for the separate shower facility (not shown in drawing.)

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support. Together we have seen so many victories through the years. Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 15:57

God Bless You Richly!

PS: We are in the process of changing our US address to Tucson, Arizona. Once our current stock of letterhead and envelopes is gone you will notice a change of contact information on the new supplies. We will maintain the Clovis, California PO Box for a period of time to allow the switchover, so please dont worry about mail not getting to us. Also, beginning next month we will begin to send the monthly reports via bulk mail in order to conserve postage cost. Once the process gets rolling you should receive your letter in a timely manner each month. We are looking forward to another exceptional year and we will keep you well informed of all the progress and victories.

PPS: We head for the mountains in the morning.we have six churches to dedicate over the next couple weeks. We met our goal of nine churches built in 2008! Praise God!!!

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