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It's All About Charlie -  March 2013 




The crocuses are coming up but I have not yet planned for my kids' summer. If you have school age kids you understand the panic that's setting in.


I remember summers in the 70's, riding bikes and running around barefoot. My mom was at home. But it's not like that anymore for a lot of families. Maya and I both keep working full+ time in the summer. We would love to stay home but that's just not a viable option for us. So we struggle to find a balance of daycare and activities, plain old fun stuff mixed with things to keep them actively learning (and that we can afford).


Ok, now I am really panicking.  


My kids are not actors but maybe yours are. We have acting out  day summer camps in June and July and auditions for the summer kids shows are in April. If they get cast they'll hang out at The Fox for over 100 hours and you'll pay just $50.


Our camps are priced low to fit most people's limited budgets. It's a great way to keep kids' imaginations working even when they can't run around barefoot in the street chasing bugs.


4th of July is just around the corner! Did I mention I'm panicking?!



Charles Packard
Executive Producer


Charlie's a Prude!


You may have noticed the R rating we (Charlie) put on Consider the Oyster. We've been informed by many patrons that we (Charlie) were wrong.


Since the show opened, patrons have told us that they would consider this romantic comedy PG at most and that there is nothing offensive about it. In fact, they say, "It's fabulous!" and "One of the most unique and interesting shows I've ever seen in Denver. Thank you for choosing something new, fresh and relevant".  


So, we blew it. And all because Charlie's a buttoned up prude. If you haven't seen the show, there's one weekend left. It's simply too good to miss. If you were hesitant to attend because of the rating, we apologize and hope you reconsider. We've been assured by some of our most conservative patrons that this show is terrific and funny and touching. And the cast is brilliant.


Join us this Friday or Saturday at 7:30pm or Sunday at 2:00pm. And since we didn't leave you with a lot of time to make plans, all tickets will be priced at just $20.00 (regularly $26).
Just use the code "DISCOUNT" when you buy your tickets online or when you call the box office. 303-739-1970
The cast: Jude Moran, Rachel Turner, Ali Frances
Not pictured: Ben Dicke and Rhonda Brown



What's Happenin' at The Fox?


 Consider the Oyster by David MacGregor
FINAL WEEKEND (Fri/Sat at 7:30, Sun at 2:00)

 directed by Bev Newcomb-Madden
cast: Ben Dicke, Ali Frances, Rachel Turner, Rhonda Brown, Jude Moran

The Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl with a 67 yard field goal. While celebrating, Gene proposes to his girlfriend then promptly breaks his leg.

The experimental use of oyster shells to strenghten the bone has one very peculiar, life changing side effect. Is it a mistake or is it a miracle? Love may be blind, but...

A laugh-out-loud comedy with a gender-bending twist. Those darn oysters!

Tickets: 303-739-1970 or

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March 15 - March 31, 2013

Athena Logo
A two-week festival highlighting the creative talents of women, including an Evening of Dance, an Evening of Music, a Fashion Show/Fundraiser, several Workshop Productions and the World Premiere of Tell Martha Not to Moan by Clinnesha D. Sibley.
Visit our website for event details, dates, times and tickets. Athena newsletter.


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GODSPELL (2012 Revival)

March 15 - 23, 2013 at the PACE Center

Fresh from Broadway, the PACE Center in partnership with Aurora Fox Arts Center is thrilled to present the incredible new 2012 revised version of the Steven Schwartz musical, Godspell.  From the composer of Wicked, Godspell logothis audience favorite includes fresh and energized arrangements of all of the music that has made this show a hit since the early 70's.


Popular songs, such as "Day by Day," "O, Bless the Lord, My Soul" and "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" stay true to the timelessness of their original versions but are brought to life with a modern twist.


Performances will be at the PACE Center (20000 Pikes Peak Avenue in Parker). Tickets are available through the PACE Center Box Office (or call 303-805-6800). 

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The Color Purple - the musical about love

April 12 - May 12, 2013 on the mainstage


The unforgettable story of a downtrodden woman who finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world. 


Color Purple Show LogoSet to a joyous score featuring jazz, ragtime, gospel and blues, this is a story of hope, inspiration and triumph.


Tickets are on sale now. Several dates are close to full. If you have a group interested in attending, please call Bobbie in the box office for group rates. 303-739-1970. 



Don't Panic like Charlie. Make Summer Plans ...

You can sign up now for SUMMER Camps!

Ages: 4-6
acting kids 

Ages: 7 - 10 

Middle and High School Teens:


See Summer camp descriptions and dates here.


And you can audition for our summer shows!



Our Summer Youth Productions will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in June and The Hobbit in July.


Auditions for both shows will be held April 19 and 20.


Click here for details.




In the meantime, we also have several SPRING classes...  


pieAges: 7-11:

Sideways Stories from Wayside School  
 or Pratfalls Pies and Greasepaint

Ages: 8-13:  

Intro to Acting
 or Intro to On-Camera Acting 


Ages: 9-18:

Greek Mythology


See Spring class descriptions and dates here.


Information: 303-739-1973
Registration: 303-326-8650 or

Spotlight On (not Charlie) ...

Ben Dicke (Little Foxes Instructor)


Ben DickeEvery artist loves to have a place to call home. The Aurora Fox has certainly become one of those places for Ben Dicke over the last decade.


It was the summer of 2002 when Ben first took a group of school age children to a Little Foxes production of Rumplestiltskin. The following summer, newly appointed Educational Theatre Director Lisa Mumpton hired Ben to teach his first class.


 In 2009, after a successful turn as Henry in the Fox's The Skin of Our Teeth, Dicke decided to permanently relocate from Chicago to Denver. Since 2009, Ben has taught several classes For the Fox, worked for their Compass After-School Outreach program, starred as Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer, directed last season's musical offering Xanadu, produced the daring regional premiere Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson in The Fox studio, hung lights, built sets, and assisted in the Education Department.


He can be seen onstage one final weekend as Gene in Consider the Oyster and is slated to direct this summer's Little Foxes Production of The Hobbit.


Want to get to know Ben better? He will be teaching a class later this spring called Pratfalls, Pies and Greasepaint where budding young performers will get to clown around. 

You can register for classes here.


Did you know? ...


Stylin' CharlieCharlie wasn't always a prude. As a stylish youngster he dabbled around onstage for awhile but he prefered the shenanigans backstage.


He got more than his feet wet as a technician and stage manager in summer stock.  And he honed his directing and scenic design skills when he got bored wrangling actors. Charlie has several design awards to his credit. He also pursued training in stage combat.

And while he spends a lot of time in meetings these days, he still enjoys the creative challenge of an occasional design or directing gig. And even if there's no fight written into script, Charlie will choreograph a scuffle just for grins and giggles. The bigger the better.


Buildin' CharlieCharlie likes getting grimy every once in awhile too, so Brandon let him in the shop this week. Brandon's very protective of his power tools so this is a really big deal. 


Later this afternoon, Charlie is scheduled to stage a fight scene for The Color Purple. And he can't wait to get his hands on the epic battle scene in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.


We figure we ought to indulge him now and then just to keep him from turning into an old fuddy-duddy.  


A little something extra...
Here's an Irish ditty to set the tone for St. Patty's day! Pretty lasses with violins. You can't beat that! 

Here's your Fox Entertainment Pick of the Month
Dueling Violins
Dueling Violins
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