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April 2016
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Focus On: Tips for Sleeping on an Airplane

There is no doubt that sleeping on an airplane can be quite a challenge. But now you can rest easy. Check out these tips on how to get some shut-eye while you're flying the friendly skies.
  • Best Seats in the House - The ideal way to ensure a good sleep on an airplane is to visit the airline's website the day of the flight and change your seat to an empty row, if possible. If that's not an option, whenever you choose your seat, take the window seat of an exit row. Your seatmates won't disturb you when they get up and you'll have the extra leg room. Use the window to rest your head and your carry-on as a footrest. You'll be asleep in no time! 
  • Pillow Talk - For those sitting in the middle or aisle seats, a travel pillow is definitely a must. But, you don't want just any pillow. Check out the Travel Halo at It's a headband with an eye mask and small side cushions that keep your head from moving back and forth. 

  • Buckle Up - Be sure to buckle your seat belt over your blanket or sweater. This will ensure that the flight attendants won't bother you if there's turbulence because it will easy for them to see that you have your seatbelt fastened.

  • Sleepovers - For those really long, overnight flights, you will want to be comfortable so don't feel uncomfortable about changing into pajama bottoms or sweat pants once the plane has taken off. A pair of cozy socks is also a good idea since the blanket may not reach your feet.
Now, the next time you are flying, these tips can help make those skies even more friendly. Planning a trip soon? Contact GoodDeeds. Our consultants will take care of all your travel needs from flights and hotels to excursions and even those much needed spa appointments. In other words, when it comes to travel planning, GoodDeeds will manage every detail from A to Zzz's.
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