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july 2015
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Focus On: Rugs


Perhaps you are hoping to find the perfect rug for that room you are decorating. But, you are dragging your feet because you are not sure what size it should be or even where to purchase it. Here are some tips to help you get a leg up on that search.

  • Size it up -
    • For room-size rugs be sure to leave 12 to 18 inches of floor area.
    • When choosing area rugs, the size should be based on ensuring consistency with the furniture that sits on it. For example, either be certain that all front legs are on the rug and the back legs are off, or instead, that all the legs fit within the rug area.
    • Rugs under dining room tables should be at least 2 feet wider on all sides than the table in order to accommodate the chairs.
    • For the bedroom, there should be at least 30 inches around the sides of the bed. 
  • Pick it up (or better yet order it up) - If you are fine with not feeling the rug first, look at what is available online. To get a good idea of actual colors, read the customer reviews or call customer service and have the representative describe it to you. And, just be aware of high shipping and returns costs. For a website with a great selection, low pricing and free shipping, check out Other online options include:
  • And once you do get that rug, here is how to clean it up -
    • For handmade, delicate rugs and rugs with long fibers, use a canister vacuum without a rotating beater bar. When using an upright vacuum for hardier rugs, set the beater bar in the highest position (usually labeled high or high pile)
    • Never use powders to clean rugs as they become pasty and attract dirt. Instead, spot clean with club soda or a carpet stain cleaner, and then blot with paper towels or a white cloth to remove the moisture.
    • Once per year, machine-made, synthetic rugs should be professionally cleaned with a machine that has a suction unit and that heats water to 200 degrees.
Now, when it comes to looking for that rug, you won't have any reason to get cold feet. But, if you prefer a little help with finding that perfect rug, decorating the whole room or even your entire house, contact GoodDeeds. Our design experts understand what it takes to find exactly the look you are searching for. When it comes to interior decorating, there is no doubt that GoodDeeds will floor you!
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