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Focus On: Storage for the Hard-to-Store


Finally, the signs of spring: daffodils, ducks, diamonds (the baseball kind) and, that overwhelming desire to get your home organized. Now seems the perfect time to find a spot for everything, but what to do with those essentials that don't seem to fit anywhere? Here are some solutions to help you put those misfit items right in their place:

  • Kitchen utensils - Those oddly shaped utensils always cause the drawer to jam and keeping them in crocks on the counter is just not sanitary. Check out the DrawerDecor system, a trim-to-fit, silicone mat with small grips to secure each utensil. Whenever you buy a new gadget, just reconfigure the grips on the mat to fit in that item. You can find it at
  • Small toy pieces - Use those see-through, snap-shut cases meant for hardware or beads to corral those tiny dolls and their tiny accessories. There are twelve-, 24- and even 40-compartment boxes for your needs, at

  • Light bulbs - Keep the bulbs in their cardboard sleeves and then store them in clear, shoe box-size bins. Be sure to label the bins by wattage. These bins can, also, be found at
  • Stuffed animals - Visit for the Boon animal bag that not only serves as terrific storage for all those stuffed animals cluttering up your house, but also doubles as a cuddly seat.

  • Scarves - No longer do you have to hang all your scarves on one hanger or have them jumbled up in your dresser drawer. Instead, you can use the Axis 18-loop scarf holder available on

Implement these ideas and you will be on your way to getting organized. But, if you would prefer to be outside enjoying the warmer weather rather than inside doing spring-cleaning, contact GoodDeeds. Let us do the organizing for you. Whether it's one room or the entire house, our GoodDeeds consultants will clear out, consolidate, and create the right organizational strategy to meet your needs. Then you will have much more time to enjoy those other signs of spring!





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