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september 2014
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Focus On: Apps That Help You Organize  


There seems to be an app for everything under the sun, and that, certainly, includes apps to keep your life organized. Whether it's managing all those passwords or getting into a regular exercise routine, check out these apps (some with a price tag, but worth it for the benefits) to help you feel more organized, and possibly even a little over the moon!                                               

  • 1Password - 1Password creates secure, unique passwords for all your login sites, making it simple by logging you in with just a single tap. You only need to remember one master password because this app remembers all the others for you.
  • SnipSnap - Scan, save, and redeem printed retail and restaurant coupons on your cell phone. Just take a photo of a printed coupon and SnipSnap will identify the text and images, changing it into a mobile-ready offer.
  • Don't forget your list - This is a GPS-based app that gives you reminders for the errands you need to do. You input each task, along with the location where you will be doing it. Once near the location, the app will beep to remind you it's time to run that errand.
  • Gympact - Ready to commit to becoming more fit and healthy? With Gympact, you won't forget to exercise (or come up with an excuse!) because you will receive money for exercising, paid by those who don't. All you need to do is commit to a specific number of workouts and choose a penalty that you will incur if you don't achieve your goal. Mark the app every time you exercise and you will receive points towards your reward.
  • - This desktop app makes it easy to find any photos you have ever sent or received via email. It looks through the in-boxes of all your email accounts, locates every picture and saves it to your hard drive.

If you are looking for even more organization in your life, contact GoodDeeds. We can help you organize your life, your office or even every room and closet in your home. When it comes to organizing, just think of GoodDeeds as the app for that! 




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