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Focus On: Taking Care of Your Car  


That dependable vehicle in your driveway always gets you where you want to go - it's taken care of you, so you want to make sure you take care of it, too. And giving your car a little TLC, now, will keep you from expensive automotive fixes down the road. An easy way to show your automobile a little love is just to follow the maintenance schedule for auto parts outlined below:


Air filter
Coolant hoses
Windshield wiper blades
Accessory drive belt
Brake pads
When to change it
Every 30,000 miles
Every 75,000 miles
Every 5 years
Every 6-12 months
Every 50,000 miles
Every 50,000 miles
  (as long as you don't ride your brakes)


Perhaps your car has seen a few too many miles, and even a little extra attention isn't enough to keep it running properly. If you are ready for a new one, contact GoodDeeds. We'll take care of all the research, analysis and legwork that goes into purchasing a new car. So, when it comes to finding the right vehicle, just turn to GoodDeeds for a little TLC!

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