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april 2014
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Focus On: Helpful Gadgets 


With life always moving in the fast lane, it's nice when you find something that makes the ride a little easier. Check out these useful gadgets that will do exactly that:
  • SpareOne Phone - This phone, from, runs for 10 hours on a single AA battery. That makes it a must-have during power outages when there is no way to charge your phone. And, it's a great addition to your glove compartment in case you are ever stranded in your car.    
  • Taso Mixing Bowl - Here is a dishwasher-safe bowl with a built-in digital scale allowing you to measure, mix and pour, all in one container. You can find it on
  • Timer Cap - No longer will you forget whether or not you took your medicine. This digital cap from, lets you know how many hours and minutes have passed since you last twisted it to open for your medication. Every time it's opened, it just resets itself.
  • Dubbel Duffel - The Dubbel Duffel transforms into a bag twice its size and capacity, so you will have no trouble bringing home all those souvenirs. It fits perfectly under your in-flight seat at its original size. Then if necessary, it doubles in size from 11 to 22 inches high, but can still be used as a carry-on because it will fit in the overhead bin. Check it out at
Just as these gadgets can simplify your life, so can GoodDeeds. Whether it's organizing your basement, researching dance schools, or accessorizing your new summer home, our life management consultants can handle it all for you, letting you move at a more relaxed pace. So, contact Good Deeds, and let us help you travel out of the fast lane and onto Easy(-going) Street!
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