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february 2014
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Focus On: The Dinner Party


February means lots of dark, cold, winter nights. Why not brighten one of them up with a cozy dinner party? A few friends, good food and drink, some candles and flowers plus these helpful tips - all the ingredients you will need for a dinner party that will warm up any midwinter evening.
  • The main dish(es) - A few days before the party, write the name of each recipe on a sticky note. Then, place the note on its assigned serving piece. This will save you time the night of the event because you will not be searching for which serving dish to use for every course.
  • Dips for the chips - Always make dips well ahead of time. Sitting in the refrigerator for at least an hour allows a dip to chill properly, and lets the flavors develop more fully.
  • Drink up - To keep it simple, serve one type of red and one type of white wine, one lager-style beer, as well as a bottled and sparkling water. Plan on ˝ bottle per person for the wine and water, with 2-3 bottles per person for the beer. And, to ensure that you are not playing bartender all night, just serve one kind of cocktail.
  • Burn the candle at one end - Before the guests arrive, light and then extinguish the candles on your table because they will light more quickly and easily when you are ready to use them.
  • Flower power - Purchase your flowers two days before the party, as that is enough time for the blooms to unfold and look their best. Or, if you're in a pinch, you can place the cut ends in warm water to speed up the process.

Now you are ready for that wonderfully warm dinner party. But, if you would prefer that someone else do the planning and preparations, contact GoodDeeds. We can manage every detail from determining what flowers will match your décor to what the ingredients are for your favorite cocktail. So, whether it's a dinner party for eight or a birthday party for 80, GoodDeeds is the key ingredient to ensure a recipe for success!


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