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Focus On: Eating Out for Less


After devoting so much time over the holidays to cooking, baking and entertaining, a little time away from the kitchen may sound delicious. But, with all the holiday expenses from last month, spending a lot on restaurants may not seem all that palatable. So, here are a few apps to help you save money and still get to dine out when you want to. Now that sounds appetizing!

  • Savored - Enter the number of your party plus the time you want to eat and up will come a list of available tables at restaurants that will give you a discount off the entire bill. Reservations can be made on-line or using your Android or iPhone.
  • Bitehunter - Bitehunter is a free iPhone app that is just like Groupon or LivingSocial, bringing together local and nationwide discounts that you purchase through the app. But this app is specifically for restaurants.
  • Scoutmob - Available for both the Android and iPhone, this app provides you with a list of nearby restaurants offering immediate discounts that you do not need to "buy" ahead of time. Once you are at the restaurant, just show your server the Scoutmob screen to receive the lower price.
  • Blackboard Eats - If you travel to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco, sign up and receive emails offering deals (such as 30% off your bill and free wine with dinner) from the most trendy restaurants to the ones that only the locals know about. You must claim each offer within 24 hours. This app works on both the Android and iPhone or you can visit their website.

Perhaps one of your 2014 resolutions will be to check out these apps so you can save some money. If another of your financial resolutions is to organize your home finances, we can manage it all for you: from sorting your files, to determining what documents you need, to setting up a comprehensive system that lets you find any important financial information quickly and easily. So, add just one more resolution to your list - contact GoodDeeds!


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