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december 2013
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Focus On: Tipping at the Holidays


Every December, the question of what to give the babysitter, the letter carrier and all the other service people on your list, can add to the stress of the holiday season. No longer. Follow these guidelines of what to give whom and, at least, this list won't need to be checked twice!

  • Babysitter/Nanny - One week's pay for full-time babysitters and nannies. For those who are with you less frequently, give an amount that is comparable to how much you use their services each week.
  • Teacher - A gift card to a coffee shop or favorite store along with a handwritten note from your child.
  • Trash Collectors - $10-$15 each, but be sure to check your town's policy regarding gifts for public service workers.
  • Newspaper Delivery Person - $25 if you receive a paper daily and $10 and/or a small gift if you get the paper delivered less frequently.
  • Dog Walker - One week's earnings.
  • Personal Trainer - The gift should range from the cost of one session to the cost of one week of service.
  • Housekeeper - One week's earnings. You should add a gift if the housekeeper has been with your family for many years.
  • Hairstylist and Manicurist - The cost of one service.
  • Nurse/Caregivers - A private home nurse who works for an agency may not be able to accept monetary gifts, so be sure to check with the agency first. For nursing home staff, it's best to give a gift, like food, that everyone can share.
  • Letter Carrier - Because United States postal workers are not allowed to accept money, find a gift that is less than $20 such as a $15 gift card or perhaps make a home-baked treat.
  • Building Staff - Anyone from the doorman to the handyman should be given a tip based on how much you have used their services over the past year. Elevator operators should be given between $20-$50. 

Now on to your other lists! But if you have no idea how you will get all the shopping, wrapping and shipping done, contact GoodDeeds. Our consultants will find the perfect gifts for everyone, wrap them beautifully and get all the packages to where they need to be. Plus, if you need help with your holiday party, our consultants can take care of every detail to ensure an unforgettable holiday gathering. So, when it comes to preparing for the holidays, be sure to put GoodDeeds at the top of your list.



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