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Focus On: The Organized Closet


Halloween is over, but you may still be spooked. Not from the scary costumes you saw, but from the way your closets look! Maybe it's time to do a little organizing. Here are a few ideas to help you do just that and make those closets a little less frightening. 
  • Hang it up - Having trouble keeping those clothes on their hangers? Visit for hangers with a velvety, non-slip covering to make sure everything stays in place.
  • The right light - For those closets without adequate lighting, check out the illuminated LED rod from The rod lights up so you can easily see all the garments in the closet. It will even shut off, on its own, after three minutes.
  • Tie one on - To keep your many ties and scarves organized, use the friction hanger from It holds up to 24 and has a friction coating to hold them securely in place. You can use it for belts, too.
  • Rock bottom - Reduce the clutter by keeping a bin, from, at the bottom of your closet. When you decide something is no longer your size or taste, toss it in the bin. Each season, you can donate the bin's contents to charity.

Perhaps your closet is really a horror story. Contact GoodDeeds. Our consultants will take care of it all, as well as any other part of your house that is in need of organizing. With GoodDeeds, when it comes to organizing your closets or home, you'll never need to be afraid again!


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