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october 2013
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Focus On: Refrigerators

Refrigerators are not just for food anymore! Check out these household items that prefer the big chill.
  • Candles - Cold wax will burn more slowly and drip less, letting you enjoy those candles longer.

  • Cologne and Eau de Toilette - These fragrances will maintain their scent for about two years if stored in a refrigerator. Perfume, on the other hand, needs to be at room temperature.

  • Super Glue - Since adhesives are affected by temperature, it is a good idea to keep super glue in the refrigerator, especially during the heat of summer.

  • Nail Polish - Nail polish is also affected by extreme heat and humidity. So, it's best to keep your bottles in the fridge in order to prevent the polish from becoming thick and tacky.

  • Cut Flowers - If you are preparing an arrangement a few days before an event, keep the flowers cold to ensure they are as fresh as the day you cut them.
Perhaps the refrigerator, in which you will be storing that cologne and nail polish, isn't going to be lasting too much longer itself. Maybe you are in need of buying another type of appliance or, even, a new car. Contact GoodDeeds. From the research and analysis, to the purchase and delivery, our consultants will take care of it all. How cool!
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