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september 2013
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Focus On: Websites For a Busy You

September is here and you are off and running! The slower pace of summer is over and now you are as busy as ever. Perhaps you are thinking about using the Internet to help make your life a little less hectic. Here are a few websites we've uncovered that might just help you keep strides with all you have to do.

  • - With, you are rewarded for living a greener life. Do something green and earn points that you can then use towards everything from dining and movies, to groceries and magazine subscriptions.
  • - If you are someone who enjoys social media, this is the website for you. Do you need to reset your password? Or perhaps change your profile picture? will send you to exactly where you need to go. You'll never again waste precious time searching all over the site without ever finding what you are looking for.
  • - is for the discerning shopper. This website is the perfect place to find limited editions of custom artwork, clothing and accessories.
  • - is a must-see website for all those "soccer" moms. It has more than 50,000 products for every active family - from ballet slippers to basketballs. With two-day (or sooner) delivery, any last-minute orders will arrive in time for your first class or game.
  • - Check out if you are a sports, music or theater-going fan. On this website, you will save on event tickets, without paying any fees or shipping charges, because all their tickets are below box office price.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with getting back into the fall routine? Need some help organizing your office, or tackling that project that has been hanging over your head all summer? Contact GoodDeeds. Just like some of these helpful sites, our consultants will do what needs to be done to make your life a little easier and keep you moving at a much better pace!  

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