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august 2013
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Focus On: Unusual Uses for Everyday Items

Every time you turn around, there's another update to your smartphone and computer, letting you do new and different things with them. But, there's no reason why some of your low-tech "devices" can't be doing new and different tasks as well. Check out the updates for these everyday items.
  • Buttons - Fasten your earrings to the holes on the button to keep pairs of earrings together and to keep from losing them. A great idea for when you travel.
  • Blow dryers - A blow dryer can actually help stop the hurt when it comes to removing adhesive bandages. Just turn the blow dryer to warm and low. Then, use the dryer on the bandage before ripping it off. The heat melts the adhesive making it less painful to remove.
  • Panty hose - Cut the foot off one leg of a pair of old panty hose and fill it with baking soda. Knot it and toss it into the hamper to keep the hamper smelling fresh. Replace the baking soda every month or so.
  • Mouse pads - An old mouse pad can serve as a perfect trivet for hot foods, as long as it has a non-plastic coating.
  • Toothbrushes - Use a clean toothbrush to remove stray threads of silk from freshly shucked ears of corn. The bristles of the toothbrush lift the threads away quickly and easily.

To find more tips like these or for any research projects you may have, contact GoodDeeds. Our research experts have the ability to investigate, examine and analyze anything from innovative household tips, to the best smartphone for the money or the right guitar teacher for your budding musician. Count on GoodDeeds to get you the research you need, whether it's low tech, high tech or no tech! 

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