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Focus On: It's All About the Memories

Does this sound familiar? You have a drawer or closet full of hundreds of old photos and videos that are fading, taking up space and collecting dust. They hold a lot of memories, so certainly you don't want to throw them out. However, also too familiar, is the fact that you don't know what to do with it all. So, check out these ideas to help make those piles of photos and videos a distant memory.
  • Virtual photos - All you need to do is use your smartphone's camera to take pictures of your old photos and also download the ShoeBox app. First, the app will improve their clarity and color, and then it will automatically send electronic copies to its website, Once that's done, you can share all those photos, virtually, with family and friends.

  • Video transfer - takes VHS or Hi8 and turns them into DVDs. If you are from the Boston area and prefer not to ship your tapes, Play It Again (, a video and film transfer company in Newton, will also convert your home movies to DVDs.

  • Personalized photo cases - Now you can take that old favorite photo and carry it with you all the time. Just have it scanned into a computer and visit to transform that photo into a smartphone case.

If it still seems too daunting to organize all your photos and videos, contact GoodDeeds. Our consultants will handle the entire process, ensuring that your memories are organized exactly the way you want them to be. In the end, all those piles taking up space and collecting dust will be a thing of the past!

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