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april 2013
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Focus On: Recycling Electronics

Finally, the snow has melted and spring is here. And, with spring comes that monumental mission - spring cleaning. Once you start purging, it will be difficult enough to figure out what to do with the clothes, toys and sporting goods. But what about those outdated electronics? Check out what to do when you don't want yesterday's technology in your home tomorrow.
  • Computers - Any computer that is less than five years old, and is still in working condition, can be donated. The National Cristina Foundation ( will refurbish your computer for use by the disadvantaged or disabled. If your computer or even your printer is older than five years, Staples will recycle it for $10, no matter what the condition.
  • Cell phones - Protect the environment and help others in need at the same time. Visit and find out how to recycle all your old cell phones while supporting a charity of your choice.
  • Small devices - Camcorders, digital cameras, and game stations can be traded in for an Amazon gift card with the trade-in program. Receive money for any of your Apple iPods, iPads and other Apple products, when you trade them in on Once on either website, they will walk you through determining the trade-in value for your gadget.
  • Televisions - Since televisions are considered biohazards, you will want to make sure you recycle them properly. Use the recycling database to find a location near you that offers television recycling.

Now, with these websites, maybe your spring cleaning will be a little less daunting. But, if it still seems like an overwhelming task, let GoodDeeds take care of it all for you. We can organize your office, attic, basement, and even your garage, working with you to determine what you do and don't need. Then, we'll help you remove all the unwanted items from your home, and find where they need to go. Clearly, with GoodDeeds, your spring cleaning will be a breeze!






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