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Focus On:  A Healthy Start to the New Year

Now that it is officially 2013, it's time to start making good on those New Year's resolutions! Perhaps one of those resolutions is to focus more on your health. And, it's probably no surprise that the Internet can help you do just that. Check out these websites that may very well be the perfect prescriptions for a healthier you.

  • - Think of this website as YouTube for the health-conscious. It has over 10,000 videos on all medical subjects from anxiety to weight loss. You'll find videos from experts that answer common questions as well as clips made by site visitors.
  • - is the site for connecting with health support groups for anything from sports injuries to migraines. You can participate in discussions, add friends and even get virtual hugs when needed! The treatment sections also let you compare notes with others who are taking the same medications as you.
  • - Whether you are pregnant or have just had hip surgery, this website makes it easy to keep friends and family in the know with updates and photos. Friends and family get e-mail alerts when you post something new, and also have the ability to leave you messages.
  • - Find out the good and the bad about your new dermatologist or orthopedist at And, if you have a great doctor (or a terrible one!), you can let others know. It also has a search tool for locating physicians by region, specialty and percent of satisfied patients.

With the help of these websites, the New Year could turn out to be a very happy and healthy one! All of us at GoodDeeds wish, exactly that, for you and yours in 2013.



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