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Focus On:  Time-Saving Websites

With all that there is to do during the holidays - shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, and entertaining, just to name a few - we're always looking for more time to get it all done. And, truthfully, even when it's not the holiday season, we still never have enough time. We can't add any minutes to the clock, but with these organizing websites, we might be able to save a few. 
  • - No need to check multiple voicemails anymore. This website consolidates your voicemails for your cell, home and office phones. Plus, it will change your voicemails into text messages for you.
  • - organizes all your travel information including itineraries, miles and loyalty points, keeping it all in one place. You no longer need to write down, forward, or find a reservation. It will even be automatically synced with your calendar.
  • - You will find over 2,000 easy-to-make recipes on this website that acts like a recipe box, saving all your favorites. So next time you won't have to search for that dish your family loved.
  • - Put your family schedule and to-do list all in one place at Then, share all the information with every household member via computer or mobile phone. Now you can all be on time!
  • - No need to wait endlessly for a table anymore. Use to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant.
  • - Instead of running from store to store, let save you lots of time by doing your comparison shopping for you.

Perhaps, with the help of these websites, you'll find that time you've been looking for. However, if you still feel like the clock is ticking way too fast, contact GoodDeeds. Whether it's a home renovation, holiday decorating for the home, planning your next trip, or planning your next holiday party, our consultants will manage every detail for you. Now, with GoodDeeds, time will be on your side!



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