It's October and everything is falling right into place here at Aubin. After a super productive summer, we have much to share with you! We have been developing a surprise second project and we're thrilled to let you in on our secret and how the work is coming together. And note our new section: "Aubin's Anthology" which references some articles we're passing around the office. 

As you read, please enjoy Nacha Mendez's beautiful cover of Chavela Vargas's iconic song La Llorona.

Hailing American Rhapsody
Aubin Pictures is delighted to announce a brilliant and ambitious series of short films entitled American Rhapsody. This twelve part project, produced by Catherine Gund and Aubin Pictures, is conceived and directed by Garrett Bradley, a media artist based in New Orleans.  American Rhapsody explores the intersection of race, history, and visual storytelling.

In the first quarter of the 20th century, 100 years ago, Black people and white people made films together with Black casts and narratives of joy. Now we have proof in the recent discovery of silent film footage, reels once buried deep in unlabelled canisters. Our new films amplify this revelation. There is a thin layer of history that can be mined for justice and joy. We are going there!

American Rhapsody was inspired by the MoMA's recent discovery of the earliest surviving footage for a feature film Lime Kiln Field Day, made by an interracial cast and crew for a Black audience. Garrett's films are her interpretation of what other joyful, integrated pieces may have looked like during this time and will be created within the technical constraints of the period (1912-1929), using the same cameras, lenses, and editing technology.  American Rhapsody is a creative reimagining that will be exhibited chronologically starting from 1915 to 1926. The final form will be a series of 12 silent, black and white, 35mm projections, each representing one year and some ordinarily extraordinary things that happened in the United States in those years.

To learn more about this project, including how to donate, please email us here

American Rhapsody production still. Raceland, LA

Lime Kiln Field Day, film still.

We took Amor Puro y Duro to IFP's Independent Film Week in late September, which presented us with the incredible opportunity to engage with top industry professionals and test out our pitch about this project. 

We were approached by possible funders, potential broadcasters, festival programmers, and distributors. IFP also helped us understand what about this film resonates most deeply with people and gave us a fresh perspective on our audience. As a result of our conversations there, we've refined our direction and we've begun exploring international co-productions in both Mexico and Spain.

Also, Daresha & Catherine have decided to both co-direct and co-produce the film. Our work is inherently collaborative and we're always seeking to maximize the power of relationships and communication. Formalizing our partnership feels champagne worthy. (It's already made the film a little cuter.)

Click here to visit our ever evolving website and please tell us how her music makes you feel. Keep sharing your memories and reflections on our Chavela blog! Folks have gorgeous stories and have been musing about Chavela's sound and magnetic personality. Check out the newest contributions for inspiration and then tell much do YOU love Chavela? 

The many ways to watch BORN TO FLY!


Still haven't seen BORN TO FLY?! Well what are you waiting for? Order the film from our website now! The DVD is also available on

Can't wait until the DVD (jam packed with special features, bonus footage, and behind-the-scenes takes) arrives to get your STREB fix?  Don't worry! You can download the film anytime via iTunes.

BORN TO FLY is also available to watch on Netflix instant as well as Hulu!

A Few Things We Love...
Introducing Erica!
We at Aubin are thrilled to announce our newest part-time Office Assistant!  Her name is Erica Lindegren and her first day was October 1st. Erica hails from sunny Florida, and after graduating from college in 2011, she has taken New York by storm--interning at some amazing organizations including: MADRE, Inc., Urban Bush Women, BODYART, Gibney Dance, and The Yard.  A lover of dance and motion, Erica has already proven to be a valuable addition to our team. We're happy to report she fits right into our office, always sharing a beautiful smile.

Elle Hearns: Queer & Trans Issues within BlackLivesMatter

In honor of National Coming Out Day, friend of Aubin Pictures, Elle Hearns was recently featured in this article on queerness and trans issues within the Black Lives Matter movement.

These interviews highlight the coming out stories of four queer and transgender voices within the Black Lives Matter network and how queer and trans issues are the fiber of their organizing and activism.

"There's complexity that often has been missed in other movements. Whatever movement you want to look at, there's never been such an intersectional space created. That's really important as we continue to develop policy... and we continue to fight back, having folks that can actually speak to what they have experienced is truly the most powerful gift the movement could ever give to society."
-Elle Hearns
Central Region Coordinator at Get Equal 
and Strategic Partner at Black Lives Matter

25th Anniversary of BI ANY OTHER NAME!

The 90s are back with an anniversary edition of BI ANY OTHER NAME, the groundbreaking book that helped catalyze a national movement for bisexual identity, justice, and equality. Be a part of this amazing movement by purchasing your very own copy.

What people are saying:
"When I was young, I was hurt by political ringmasters who said they wouldn't talk, sleep or work with me because I was 'bisexual'. Now that I've talked, worked and slept with them all, I know their secret. They desire what they condemn. The bisexual community was waiting for this classic long before its publication. Read it."
-Susie Bright

It's available in eBook and print!


Raising Ryland shares the gift of parenting a transgender child

Raising Ryland is a powerful demonstration of love in a documentary that gives the audience an intimate look at parenting in partnership with the child. 

This short piece focuses on a transgender 6-year-old and his parents. Their personal story engages the power of unexpected transformation for all of them.

Click the video to the left to watch the full film.

The Aubin Anthology!
Don't miss out on this exclusive interview with Black Lives Matter co-founder, Opal Tometi.
Click here to see what she has to say about   the importance of identity and how to shift the narrative of justice.
Check out this very excellent primer from on DO's and DONT'S of pronoun etiquette. It serves as a helpful tool in understanding how to appropriately ask someone about their gender identity! 

Aubin Pictures "Lost & Found"

Reunited and it feels so good!

We at Aubin are happy to report that the below shoes (featured in last month's "Lost & Found") have been returned to their owner (and friend of Aubin!) Ivy Arce!  


Please let us know if we can help you find something you've lost!

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