We love to spread the love. In this newsletter we are shouting out some of our favorite new projects. Check out these amazing documentaries that are in production as well as a couple having their festival premieres this week. 

The Return Project

Across the nation, many are finally acknowledging the horrible state of our criminal justice system and the toll it exacts from millions of people on a daily basis. 

The Return Project is transforming statistics into stories, with the hope that putting faces to the numbers will inspire us all to stand up and say,"No more."

Catching the Sun
Our friend Shalini Kantayya is shining a light on the solar industry with her POWERful new film Catching the Sun.

Catching the Sun has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support outreach initiatives. Click here to watch the trailer.

Also don't miss Catching the Sun at LA Film Festival this THURSDAY! (Full disclosure: Catherine is a consulting producer on the project.)
Speaking of Kickstarter, PC594 (one of our fiscally sponsored projects) only has 24 hours left on their campaign for production funds. 
PC594 follows the life and art of Lydia Emily, an LA-based artist, activist and mother who won't let anything stop her - not even MS.


Check out the hilarious video to the left. You won't be able to resist helping out.

Celebrate Pride with Sundays at Cafe Tabac!

Come party in support of Sundays at Cafe Tabac - the feature documentary that celebrates the gritty and fashionable story of the fight for lesbian visibility in NYC in the early 90s. From 1993-95, women came together on Sunday nights at a this cool bar to laugh, love, and change the world.

The Pride 2015 party will be just chic as Cafe Tabac, bringing together a multi-generational, diverse, creative, and influential community of lesbians, celebrities and their allies in the LGBTQ and art communities, and beyond.

In a Perfect World
In a Perfect World takes us on filmmaker Daphne McWilliams' journey as she explores how her teenage son Chase has been affected by growing up with a single mother.

McWilliams turns the camera on Chase, and other men raised by single moms, to find out how they feel about their fathers being absent.

In a Perfect World premieres at the LA Film Festival on June 14th!

Gracias y Buenas Noches

In the 1940s and 50s the pioneers of Afro-Cuban music created a new indelible beat we know as "clave." From the moment of the clave's inception, its signature sound merged with the heartbeat of the world. 

Gracias y Buenas Noches traces the story of the pioneers of Afro-Cuban music, drawing attention to the stalwarts who, despite economic obstacles, still travel the world spreading the gospel of the clave.

Support the Kickstarter campaign here.
Update on an earlier "things we love"

Out in the Night directed by blair dorosh-walther will premiere on POV on PBS on June 22nd at 10pm! 

A moving account of four women sensationalized by the media as a "Gang of Killer Lesbians" reveals the role that race, gender identity, and sexuality play in our broken criminal justice system.

Click here for local listings.
DIVA TV now available for free streaming!

AIDS crisis. DIRECT ACTION. Newsreel. ACT UP. Revolutionary. DIVA TV - Damned Interfering Video Activist Television.

Films from DIVA TV (1989-1992) are now available to stream free from our website! The three compilations include: "Target City Hall," "Pride," and "Like a Prayer."


DIVA TV, a video affinity group within ACT UP from 1988-1992, provided counter surveillance of the cops and self-representation of the AIDS movement.


Watch the videos here.  

Get your copy of BORN TO FLY on DVD

You can now preorder BORN TO FLY on DVD from our website. Don't miss out on owning your very copy of all the high flying daredevilry of Elizabeth Streb and her motley crew of action heroes.   


BONUS: The DVD also contains exclusive footage including deleted scenes, archival performances, and STREB's London performance of "Speed Angels," shot primarily by the legendary Albert Maysles!

The discounted preorder price is only valid through June 30. Buy now!

What's On Your Plate? 
still on the move.

Olivia the Onion is always looking to root down in a new place. And when Olivia comes to visit, she brings books! 

We want to share Sadie and Safiyah's message of food access and healthy choices to as many young people as possible. 

Know an organization that could use What's On You Plate? books? Send your suggestions to laura@aubinpictures.com!

Help us spread the word! 

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