Aubin Pictures is going big AND coming to your home! BORN TO FLY's television debut and DVD release are right around the corner. Read below to find out all the ways you can get BORN TO FLY!


And please listen to this song as you read. (A special treat for fans of BORN TO FLY!)
BORN TO FLY on PBS May 11th!!!


Exactly one week from today, BORN TO FLY will be broadcast nationwide on the PBS award winning series, Independent Lens! Don't miss it.


          Tune in: May 11th at 10/9c


Click here to check your local listings. 


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*We already have nearly 2,000 airdates on PBS!!*




Aubin Welcomes Ratha

Aubin Pictures would like to introduce - and THANK - our intrepid new intern, Ratha!


Ratha is a senior at Victory Collegiate High School with plans to attend college in the fall. 

For one of her first projects here, Ratha wrote a post for the  What's On Your Plate? blog. In it, she tells an intimate story of how she took control of her diet. Ratha bravely opens up about her tumultuous history with food (and her relationship with her mother). We salute her bravery and generosity in sharing this story. This is the kind of courageous work Aubin seeks to celebrate everyday!


Click here to read Ratha's post!



The wait is almost over!

You'll be able to order your very own copy of the BORN TO FLY DVD from Amazon or (even better) the Aubin Website starting June 30th. 

The DVD contains exclusive, bonus footage including deleted scenes, archival performances, and STREB's London performance of "Speed Angels," shot primarily by the legendary Albert Maysles!

DVDs not your thing? Download BORN TO FLY from iTunes starting May 26th and stream it on Netflix after June 11th. 

Some things we love...

The Forever 21 Project: Never 21
Never21 protesters/culture jammers recently hacked the Union Square Forever 21. In a beautifully choreographed moment, the store's display was over taken with one message: BLACK LIVES MATTER

The action calls attention to Black children and teens who were recently killed by police/vigilantes. Aiyana Jones (7), Michael Brown (18), Tamir Rice (12), and Trayvon Martin (17).

Click the video on the left to see how it all went down.

House Not Home

Check out the excellent short film 
House Not Home written by a transgender boy about a gender fluid teenager navigating his journey. The story came out of a high school classroom in Cleveland (!!) in response to the Scenarios USA curriculum. Scenarios is a remarkable, national organization that uses writing and filmmaking to engage teenagers in addressing and leading the conversation on social justice issues. 

The House Not Home short video and some great behind-the-scenes footage can be streamed for a fee here. 

Our friend Zoe Renee Lapin appears in the behind-the-scenes footage sharing her brilliant and gorgeous self. Go Cleveland Go!

The film premieres with other Scenarios shorts at Angelika Theater in NYC and on Showtime   May 12. Join the Twitter conversation  @ScenariosUSA and with #ScenariosPresents.          

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