Aubin Pictures is springing into action! Our office is changing shape, and we're sprouting some exciting new projects. Read below for updates. 

And please listen to this song as you read. It's called "Colored Lines," from the debut album Out of Breath, by our 19-year-old friend Nakaya. 

Tribute to Albert Maysles


"There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories."   

-- Ursula K. LeGuin


The day Al passed away, I noticed a piece of art by my friend Lorna Simpson that has been hanging in my office for countless years. I saw that, for her, the word is the shadow on the wall. Somehow this brought me to the core of Albert's lessons: his films shined a light on stories, the stories then radiated love. Here's to Al's celebration of soul, to the soul of his vision, to the legacy of his celebration.


He taught me that you have to get to know people to stop war. Love people, stop wars. He held your hand hard, trained his eyes right on your face and then got even closer, smiled so big that his eyes seemed to squeeze shut.


I felt sure with him, sure of my own calling, sure of where I was, sure that was a place worth being, sure of the worth of beings, sure beings were worth the work we did. Not because he dictated what to do or how to do it, but just because he told stories. And they always seemed worth it.


Right after I decided to film Elizabeth Streb in London, I saw Al. He was introducing my daughter Sadie and her friend Safiyah as they received a youth leadership award from the Ryan Health Network for co-producing 

WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE?. He asked about my next project. I described people walking down buildings and leaping from bridges. He said he wanted to shoot it. We booked plane tickets the very next day.


From working so closely with Al, I learned that you can build the ship while you sail. In fact, there's no other way to live this life... you learn while doing, listen closely, and enjoy every second.


He loved to tell stories. He always had one. He worked right through. His final film IN TRANSIT - an American story told by passengers on a cross country train - is opening at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight. He carried some stories with him. But he left many more with us. To savor. To use. To save ourselves. I knew the last time I spent holding his hand - so soft yet still sure - was the last time I was going to hold his hand. I knew that as I prepared to leave town for too long, for longer than he had left for handholding. I miss him. 



BORN TO FLY will be on television screens nationwide May 11th. Don't miss our broadcast on PBS/Independent Lens.  

Shout out to Indie Caucus for keeping Independent Lens in primetime. 


Find when it airs in your town by visiting the Independent Lens website

Congratulations to JESSICA on her next adventure... (but so sad to see her go)!


The incomparable Jessica Ruffin, who joined Aubin Pictures in 2012, will leave our office at the end of June and head west for the greener grasses (brown grasses?) of UC Berkeley where she will pursue a PhD in German studies, with concentrations in film studies and critical theory. 

She will be sorely missed around here (even as we are duly impressed by her next move... really we are). While at Aubin, she associate produced BORN TO FLY from start to finish, all the way through distribution and broadcast. She streamlined our office systems; spoke German on conference calls; ate an apple every day; perfected our internship program with high school and college students; negotiated deals and dramas; championed great ideas and demonstrated great patience with lame ones; and was loved by all (except maybe that guy at AT&T). 

We are thrilled to announce that upon her departure, Jessica will be joining the Aubin Pictures board of directors. She is also continuing on as producer for an Aubin project currently in pre-production about community organizing and the Black Lives Movement in Cleveland. 

Introducing LAURA

Luckily, we are happy to announce that Laura Tatham has joined Aubin Pictures as the office and projects manager. Laura spent the last five years working in the publishing field, and was introduced to both the publishing and nonprofit worlds through the awesome Feminist Press at CUNY.  

Laura began at Aubin in early April and will work with Jessica until July 1st when she'll officially get the corner office. You may already have heard from her; she hit the proverbial ground running. And yes, we have adopted the Oxford comma. 
Get BORN TO FLY on iTunes.

The countdown begins!

Only 5 weeks until BORN TO FLY will be available on iTunes. Set your calendars for May 26th.

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Dance Camera West Screening 

Dance Camera West Film Festival 2015 (Trailer)

BORN TO FLY will be screening in Los Angeles, California on May 3rd as part of the Dance Camera West Film Festival.


Check out their trailer by clicking on the image to the left. It is a very cool watch. 


Get your tickets now.


Smile if you love making movies!

We love making movies, which is good, cuz that's what we do. So whenever we're filming, editing, composing, even drafting grant applications, we're happy. We're not ready to give you all the dirt, but Aubin Pictures is starting production on several exciting new projects. Here is a selfie from a shoot this past weekend. 

As we get further along, we'll post more information, descriptions, and stills. (Extra credit if you can identify that Oxford comma). Stay tuned for the next newsletter!  

Some things we love ...

Jazz Jennings

At only 14-years-old, Jazz Jennings has become an outspoken advocate for trans rights. Articulate, poised, funny, and brave, Jazz now has her own TV show, ALL THAT JAZZ, which will document her journey navigating life as a transgender teen. Her show premieres this summer on TLC

She's also the new face of Clean & Clear. Check out her beautiful commercial by clicking on the image to the left. We love you, Jazz!

Circle of 6 Anti-Violence Mobile App

Circle of 6 App

Circle of 6 is a new violence prevention app which functions as an alternative to policing. So on college campuses, or in NYC, young people can enter emergency numbers of people and organizations they trust to respond if they're in trouble. Who would you want to support you immediately?

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