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BORN TO FLY is still on the move with special screenings and digital releases.

Listen to this song as you read. 
Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Selma's Bloody Sunday. 
(And the award for this song is one of the few things #OscarsSoWhite got right.) 

Special Screening in Washington D.C.


As a special one time event, the Avalon Theater in Washington D.C. will be screening BORN TO FLY on Wednesday March 11th. After the film, stay to engage with director Catherine Gund in the last post-screening Q&A of her tour. 


Get your tickets now.

BORN TO FLY Posters Now Available



The wait is over. You can now get your very own BORN TO FLY poster from our website


Pin it to your wall, frame it in your living room, or tape it to your ceiling. But whatever you do with it, let it remind you to jump higher, fly further, and crash harder. 


Order your poster here

Coming to London with BFI FLARE

We are so excited to be a part of this year's BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival, which showcases queer film from around the globe. 

The festival is organized into sections: "Hearts," "Minds," and "Bodies," and it's no surprise that BORN TO FLY heads up the "Bodies" category. 

BORN TO FLY is showing March 20th, 21st, and 22nd in London. 

Buy your tickets here

Add BORN TO FLY to your Netflix Queue NOW.

is coming to Netflix! The DVD will be available on June 11th, but you can add it to your queue right now.

Can't wait till June? You can also buy or rent BORN TO FLY from iTunes starting May 26th. 

Who Could Use Free WHATS ON YOUR PLATE? Books

Do you know an organization that empowers kids? That helps kids learn about where food comes from, what's in it, and why it's making so many people so sick? 

We'd like to give them free booksWhat's On Your Plate? books include stories, recipes, and cool activities that inspire readers of all ages to be more conscious about food politics. We continue to donate free copies through our Buy a Bundle/Give a Bundle program. 

Please email brette@aubinpictures.com 
if you know of an awesome nonprofit, after school program, or faith based organization where kids make healthy choices, lead active lives, and fight for food justice. We might just send them free books (and if we do, we'll send you a free bundle too!)

A few things we love...

During a violent physical attack on the streets of Greenwich Village in 2006, four Black lesbians defended themselves and then rightfully claimed their innocence in the courtroom. They became known as the New Jersey 4. The courts convicted the women of felonies and sentenced them to severe prison terms. Now, they are home, and they are strong. 

Run, don't walk to catch blair dorosh-walther's documentary Out in the Night. Help fight mass incarceration. Fight for safety, care and protection of marginalized LGBTI people of color.

The New Leaders of Social Justice

This is actually two things we love: many leaders and a growing social justice movement.

REVOLT profiles some of the young, passionate, and influential organizers who are taking action and making change for low income and people of color communities around the country. We love this article because it demonstrates the power of the leader-ful structure of the new social justice movement. 

Who is Dayani Cristal?

The team behind Who is Dayani Cristal? not only made a compelling and visually stunning documentary, they also started a powerful social impact campaign in order to change the inhuman border policy. 

Check out their social impact report which details the direct impact their film and advocacy has had on immigration reform.

Huge Victory for Net Neutrality


People raised their voices and challenged telecom giants and big money! As a result, the FCC voted last week for strong net neutrality protections, ensuring the the internet remains open and accessible to everyone. 


"Our ability to be heard, counted, and visible in our democracy depends on net neutrality, because it allows voices and ideas to spread based on their quality - not the amount of money behind them." - ColorOfChange.org


Thank you to all of the awesome organizations and individuals who fought for this democratic right. Let's keep our voices raised! Outdoor voices! 

B2F Near You -- get your tickets now!!

Brattleboro, VT
March 8-15th

Avalon Theater
Washington D.C.
March 11th

BFI Flare
London, UK
March 20-22nd

Sebastopol Doc Film Festival
Sebastopol, CA
March 28th

Dance Camera West
Los Angeles, CA
May 3rd

May 11th - 10pm

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